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Walter Tamlin
Born c1863 in London, son of Alfred TAMLIN and his wife Elizabeth. Walter’s father managed a wholesale shoe shop at 234 High Street, St Pancras for some decades. Walter was a company shareholder and manager of the large Public Benefit Boot Co premises at 42 Corporation Street, Birmingham. He married Harriett HOLMES of Belper in 1889 at Birmingham and their children included Edward Alfred TAMLIN 1891. By 1911 Walter was a shop inspector for the Public Benefit Boot Co. He died in 1935 aged 72 and his widow Harriett died two years later.

Vivian William Tapp

Manager of the Morden branch: Norwood News Dec 1942 Blitz Casualty Took Drink to Relieve Pain: Theft Charge A spine Injury sustained when he was a boy was made permanent when he was bombed out and buried in debris; this sent him to drink, ” and the more I drank the less pain I had.” This was the explanation of a Streatham man, Vivian William Tapp (aged 58), Amesbury-avenue, when charged at Wimbledon on Monday on his own confession with stealing £180, the money of his employers—he was manager of Messrs. Lennards, Ltd., branch at Morden. The total deficiency was said to be £227. Being given a good character, he was bound over for twelve months on probation. Consult London,  Morden, Southern branches H-O

Arthur David Tavinder 
Born 1852 at Burton Pidsea, Yorkshire, son of David TAVINDER, farmer, and his wife Elizabeth SUDDABY. He married Susannah WHITE in 1877 and their children included Alice TAVINDER 1879, Annie Elizabeth TAVINDER 1881, Edith Maud TAVINDER 1885, Ethel Maria TAVINDER 1887 and Harold Arthur TAVINDER 1892. Tavinder was manager of 55 Victoria Street, Grimsby in 1887. By 1891 Arthur managed the Public Benefit Boot Co premises at The Metropole, Clifford Street, York, continuing in that role into the 1900’s. His wife Susannah died at York 1906 and he secondly married Mary Anne CATTANEO in 1910. In 1911 he managed the Public Benefit Boot Co premises at 15 Market Street, York, with his wife and four children assisting in the business. He died at York 11 February 1923 aged 70.

Albert Taylor

Wiltshire Times and Trowbridge Advertiser Mr Albert Taylor Began his working life as an apprentice with the P.B.Boot co. under Mr Arthur Pascall. After his apprenticeship Mr Taylor moved onto another firm

Mr Taylor 

New manager sent to Lancaster Branch 3rd QTR 1928

Mr Taylor

Manager of the Cambridge shop.

Cambridge Independent Press April 1884 A Spill. —On Monday morning. Mr. Taylor, the manager of the Public Benefit Boot Company, Market-street, was driving down Sidney-street, and while passing over the new road-way laid down against Jesus-lane, the pony slipped and fell. Mr. Taylor and his son, a little boy about ten years old, were pitched out of the cart, but fortunately sustained no injuries. A box was also shot out of the cart, the contents (boots) being scattered over the road. Luckily, no damage was done to either pony, cart, or the contents, and Mr. Taylor, after a short delay, was able to proceed on his journey

Jim Taylor

Worker at Benefit Central Repairs Factory 1940’s onwards

George Taylor

Born around 1873 at Beeches Burnham, Lincolnshire. In 1891 he was a Hull boot shop assistant and lived next door to 16-year-old Laura SNOWDEN, also a boot shop assistant. They married in 1897 at Hull and by 1900 he managed the Public Benefit Boot Co premises at 38 Market Place, Gainsborough. His wife Laura died in 1902 aged 27 and in 1911 he was managing one of the company premises in Hull. In 1914 he married Ethel FOSTER. She died at Hull in 1929 aged 45 and he died there in 1936 aged 63.

John Henry Taylor
Born 1864 at Nottingham, son of William TAYLOR, hosier, and his wife Jemima LOMAS. It is likely that, with his brother William James TAYLOR, he first worked at Jabez HARKER’s Public Benefit Boot Co establishment in Nottingham. He married Jabez’s daughter, Susannah HARKER in 1889 and their children included William Harker TAYLOR 1891, Nellie Ethel TAYLOR 1892, John Henry TAYLOR 1894 and Frank Jabez TAYLOR 1895. In the 1890’s John and Susannah moved to Luton, Bedfordshire, where John managed the Public Benefit Boot Co premises at 21 Park Square until his death in 1907. After John’s death, his widow Susannah managed the premises and following her retirement, lived at Bournemouth from around 1927 until at least 1938.

Susannah Taylor

Following on from the above Mrs Taylor continued her role as manageress and also proprietor of the Clock House following her husband’s death.  1907-1917 Mrs Susannah Taylor, was described as Manageress. In 1911; they were advertising as S Taylor & Co, proprietors, and in 1914, which would also include Dunstable if still trading and St Albans, but the latter branch had gone by this time. 1924 Owners of the Clock House was selling all stock off and giving up the business. Back to  1908 Mrs Taylor in an interesting court case was prosecuting a thief who, with trickery had deceived them into supplying  five pairs of boots, her manager John Oldroyd Jowett despatched their errand boy, Alfred Albert Battrick with the boots. The perpetrator was an old man and he escaped prison in order to protect his pension. Consult Luton in Northern Branches H-O for full story

Miss Joan Taylor 

Assistant at 33-34 Queen Street Bridlington 1930’s-1939.

Miss P. Taylor 

Assistant at Northumberland Street Newcastle 1940’s/50’s

William Harker Taylor

Born 1891 at Manchester, son of John Henry TAYLOR, boot dealer and his wife Susannah HARKER. In 1911 he worked as a clerk for the Public Benefit Boot Co. In 1917 at Lambeth he married Ellen Victoria PARKER and in the 1930’s he managed the London boot shop owned by his uncle William Herrenden HARKER.

William Taylor

West Briton and Cornwall Adv. May 1903 A Raid on India Rubber Heels. Stephen Clemens, of Fairmantle.-street, a boy, was charged with stealing a pair of India rubber heels, value 1s the property of Mr. Charles Barrett, boot dealer, of Cathedral lane, Truro. Albert Humphries, another boy, of Gae-hill, was charged with receiving them, well knowing them to have been stolen. Wm. Taylor, aged 16, an errand boy in the employ of the Public Benefit Boot Company, said that on Wednesday last. 6th inst., he saw the defendant, Clemens, outside Dyer’s brush factory when Clemens showed him a pair India rubber heels. Excerpt consult Truro Southern branches P-Z

Harry Teague
Born 1893 at Redruth, Cornwall, son of John TEAGUE, tin miner, and his wife Susan Ann PENGLASE. In 1911 he worked as a boot shop assistant at the company’s premises in Redruth. He served in WWI and died in Cornwall in 1933 aged 40.

Mr Telfer

Manager at Jarrow Branch 73 Ormonde Street from 1912 until circa 1916. Consult Mr J.Lindsay in surnames I-O where Mr Telfer is mention in a letter to home

Photo:  Nott’s & Lincs ‘on their tour 1925

A. A. Terrett 

Manager Who began in 1924 his first branch being Freeman Street Grimsby 3rd row 1st on left. This branch opened 1924

A. A. Terrett began working for Benefit in 1924 at Freeman Street Grimsby

Fred Thistlethwaite

Born 1873 at Burnley, Lancashire, son of John THISTLETHWAITE, currier and leather warehouseman, and his wife Alice WARD. At the turn of the century he lived in Bramley and worked as a boot shop assistant. He married Maud DRIVER in 1905 at Bradford and their children included John  c1906 and Dorothy  c1909. From at least 1911 to 1919 he managed the Public Benefit Boot Co store on the corner of High Street and Gaunt Street, Lincoln.

Miss Thomas

No information on her role in the company at Carmarthen

Welshman March 1912 CANTATA. A musical treat of the highest order was provided at the Tabernacle Schoolroom on Thursday evening of last week when the children’s choir under the baton of Mr William Thomas gave a magnificent interpretation of the cantata. Entitled Led by a child,” to a crowded audience. The children, who recited in an admirable manner, were trained by Miss Thomas (Public Benefit Boot Company) whilst the duets and choruses were sweetly and eclectically rendered by the choir. Miss May Hodges proved an accomplished accompanist. Earlier in the evening solos were rendered by Miss Katie Hodges. Miss Gwennie Hodges. and Mr .J. Henry Davies. whilst Miss Thomas recited

Miss Thomas, 

First sales lady, 1930’s; Regent Street Blyth


Manager 123 High Street Sutton 1931-1935

Walter Thompson

As a worker or young person he was subjected to a breach of the factory act as discovered by a factory inspector. 

Northampton Mercury March 1899 The Public Benefit Boot Company, Limited. Wellingborough, was summoned for breach the Factory Act by employing Walter Thompson, Nellie Perkins, and William Pendred during prohibited hours.—Fined 10s. and costs in each case.

Harry Alfred Thornton

Born 1868 at Leicester, son of John Moore THORNTON, hosiery manufacturer, and his wife Sarah Ann BUTLER. He married Alice Maud OLIVER in 1893 at Leicester and their children included Henry Oliver  1895, Charles Arnold  1896 and Frank Kenneth 1898. Harry worked in his father’s hosiery manufacturing business in Leicester and served on the board of Lennards Ltd of Bristol. His wife Alice died at Leicester in 1945 aged 75 and he died there in 1961 aged 92.

Mr Thrower 

Held a senior management position with the Public Benefit Boot Co in 1940’s.

F D Tippetts 

Manager of Tenby Branch 10 High Street 1891

Garnet Todd 

Advertising his franchise arrangement with the company in Botchergate Carlisle throughout 1888.Garnet began this arrangement with his brother(s) 1879 

Mr Todd 

New manager sent to Hetton 2nd QTR 1927

Miss Todd 

Assistant at Prospect Street sent to Gipsyville Branch as manager 3rd QTR 1928

Photo  The North Party at Middleton One Row July 22nd 1925

F C Tonkins Whitley Road Branch Back row standing 5th from left

Ernest William Tomline

Born 1875 at Fiskerton, Lincolnshire, son of John Thomas TOMLINE, Church of England school master and organist, and his wife Harriett. His mother died when he was an infant and Ernest grew up in places where his father taught, Springthorpe, Lincolnshire and Helmsley, Yorkshire. He married Jane Anne W ROBSON in 1905 and their children included William  1906 and Marjorie  c1908. In 1901 he managed the Public Benefit Boot Co premises at 193 Linthorpe Road, Middlesborough, Yorkshire; 1904-05 he managed the company’s premises at 78 Lynn Street, West Hartlepool and in 1911 he managed the premises in Sunderland, Co Durham. He died in 1951 aged 75 and his widow Jane died in 1971 aged 87.

Miss V. Toward 

Working in the Ferryhill branch found 2nd Qtr 1925

A G Tregaskiss 

Manager of 80a Main ST. Bulwell 1894-5

Private Trevaskis

of A Company,  “Robin Hoods” who died of heart disease and excitement en route. He was employed by Public Benefit Boot Company, Derby-road, and was about 28 years of age consult Northern Branches H-O Nottingham for further details

Mr Tregoning 

New manager to Whitley Bay 1st QTR 1927

Miss Troughton 

Assistant at ‘Lion House’ becomes new manager at Osset 4th QTR 1928

Mr Tunstall 

Manager of Hunslet sent to Dewsbury Road 1st QTR 1927

John James Tyler

Born 1860 at Upham, Hampshire, son of George TYLER, victualler and farmer, and his wife Harriet Eliza PAGE. He married Agnes Minnie GREENAWAY in 1889 at Cirencester, Gloucestershire, and their children included Agnes Mabel TYLER 1890 and Arthur F TYLER 1893. At the age of 20 he worked for the Public Benefit Boot Co and from 1891 to at least 1901 he managed the company’s premises at 161 Cricklade Street, Cirencester.

Mr Twydale 

Assistant at Blackpool found 1st Qtr. 1924

Robert Children Vane

Born 1861 at Headcorn, Kent, the son of Caleb VANE, an agricultural labourer, and his wife Rachel CHILDREN. In 1891 he married Alice Matilda ASHMAN but she died the following year. In 1893 he married Sarah Banks PALLING and they had three daughters Hilda Adelaide 1894, Ethel Florence  1896 and Edith Nora  1901. He managed a number of the Public Benefit Boot Co premises over many years including branches at Leeds and Barnsley. He died at Thanet, Kent in 1939 aged 78 and his widow Sarah died in 1951 aged 80.  Exeter Flyer Obstruction 02-1897 manager prosecuted Robert Vane Manager fined 10s for allowing  a box to remain in the road for 1 and a quarter hours.

Born 1895 at Doncaster, Yorkshire, son of Isaac VAUGHAN, boot dealer, and his wife Emila SWANN. In 1911 he worked as a shop assistant in the Public Benefit Boot Co branch managed by his father at 41 Sepulchre Gate, Doncaster. During WWI he served in the Yorkshire Light Infantry. In 1940 at Doncaster he married Mildred THEAKSTON. He died the following year aged 46 and his widow Mildred died in 1988 aged 86.

Isaac Vaughan

Born 1858 at Llansilin, Denbighshire, Wales, son of Martin VAUGHAN, carter, and his wife Maria ROBERTS. He married Emila SWANN in 1880 at Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, and their children included Martin Llewelyn  1881, Nellie 1882, Florence Kate  1885, Mabel  1890, Trevor Williams  1892, Harold  1895 and Muriel Ivy .1900. Throughout the 1880’s and early 1900’s he was associated with Public Benefit Boot Co branches in Louth and Grimsby and for some years managed the company’s large premises at 41 Sepulchre Gate, Doncaster. In 1911 his daughter Mable and son Harold were assisting in the business at Doncaster. Isaac died at Doncaster in 1929 aged 71 and his widow Emila died there in 1934 aged 75. Consult Northern Branches A-G for details of cases

Mabel Vaughan
Born 1890 at Doncaster, Yorkshire, daughter of Isaac VAUGHAN, boot dealer, and his wife Emila SWANN. In 1911 she worked as a shop assistant in the Public Benefit Boot Co branch managed by her father at 41 Sepulchre Gate, Doncaster. In the 1940’s she ran a shop at Penmaenmawr near Conway, Wales with her widowed sister-in-law Mildred VAUGHAN. Mabel did not marry and died and died in Wales in 1949 aged 58.

Miss Vaughan 

Assistant to Manager Mr Wrigglesworth at 188 Wellsted Street in 1893. she narrowly escaped injury when the manager whilst looking for a gas leak lit a match and an explosion caused quite a bit of damage. Luckily no one was injured seriously

George Herbert Viccars
Born 1858 at Leicester, son of Thomas VICCARS, woollen merchant, and his wife Catherine. In 1890 at Leicester he married ‘the girl next door’ Alice Maud BAINES and their children included Catherine Mary 1891, Reginald Baines  1895 and Marjorie Warner  1899. George worked as a commercial clerk and manager with Leicester manufacturers. He was a business colleague of the Lennard brothers and was a shareholder when Lennards Ltd was incorporated in 1896.

Francis Edward Vick
Born 1866 at Parkhurst, Isle of Wight, son of Charles Richard VICK, clerk, and his wife Mary SAYERS. He married Alice Clement CARD in 1896 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and their children included Katherine Norah VICK 1897 and Eric Hubert VICK 1902. In 1911 he managed the company’s premises at 1 Wellington Street, Teignmouth, Devon with his wife Alice assisting in the business. She died at Bournemouth in 1947 aged 81 and he died there in 1949 aged 82.

W H Wainhouse
Manager of the Public Benefit Boot Co branch at 18 Market Place, Barton-on-Humber, Lincolnshire, in 1879.

Walter Bernard Waite 

Manager of 16 Catherine Street Salisbury 1911:……..Plank did not return, so witness left for home without the shoes. He did not give defendant Instructions to to Messrs. Moore’s shop to get anything for him, and this was the first time he had asked him to go to the Public Benefit shop get things in bis name Walter Bernard Waite, manager the Public Benefit Boot shop in Catherine Street, said that Crook went there Saturday and paid account for Mr. Witchell. Defendant did not go to the shop at any time. After a lengthy deliberation Plank was charged with obtaining goods under false pretences. However he was given the benefit of the doubt by magistrates and dismissed the charge but warned Plank sternly to be very careful f his future conduct. The decision was received with applause in court which was quickly suppressed, as usual..Lengthy court case and this is the ending paragraph for the full story consult Salisbury Southern Branches P-Z

Miss Walker 

Many years’ assistant at the Doncaster Branch married 3rd QTR 1926

Basil Walker

In the 1950’s he managed the large Benefit Footwear premises on the corner of St Peter’s Street and Osmaston Road, Derby. The company occupied this site for more than 70 years and there were three busy sales floors. Basil’s daughter Jackie also worked at this branch. In the 1960’s he opened up his own retail outlet in Derby and sold quality imported footwear.

George Edward Walker

Manager at Lancaster branch 1941

Jackie Walker 

Assistant Babbington Buildings Derby 1950’s/60’s

Judy Walker 

Assistant Babbington Buildings Derby 1950’s/60’s

Tommy Walker

Worked at Benefit Central Repairs Factory Templar St Leeds 1940’s onwards

William Henry Walker

Born 1819 at Bradmore, Nottinghamshire, he married Anne Jane BREWIN in 1846 at Leicester. By 1871 he had built an extensive business manufacturing boots and hosiery in Leicester and at that time employed 1,200 people. He was a shareholder and director of Lennard Bros and died in 1905 aged 86.

Walter Bernard Waite
Born 1884 at Upton Loval, Wiltshire, son of Herbert David WAITE, cloth weaver, and his wife Eliza MORTIMER. He married Mabel Beatrice GANE in 1908 and their children included Doris Mabel  1909, Walter R.1912, Joyce E. 1914 and Gwendolyn O. 1917. In 1901 he was a boot shop assistant at Frome, Somerset and in 1911 he managed the company’s premises at 16 Catherine Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire. His wife died in Somerset in 1966 aged 83 and he died there in 1970 aged 84.


Reading Mercury June 1917  tribunals: Mr. E. T. Halt appeared for W. B. Wane, 32, B1, manager of Lennard’s. Ltd., Reading.—He was given three months, with leave, on domestic grounds, conditional on joining the Volunteer Defence Force

William Frederick Waples

Born 1877 at Marylebone, London, he married Florence Rebecca GRAIN in 1902 and they had a daughter Florence Irene WAPLES 1907 in Manchester, Lancashire. He worked initially as a boot shop assistant in Lincolnsire and in 1911 he managed the company’s premises at 109 Bath Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire. He died at Ilkeston in 1950 aged 72.

Alfred John Ward
Born abt 1879 at Leicester, son of Samuel Charles WARD, shoe warehouseman and boot factor, and his wife Caroline LENNARD. In 1911 he worked as a boot repairer and dealer with Lennard Bros in Leicester.

Florence Emma Ward 
Born 1881 at Leicester, daughter of Samuel Charles WARD, shoe warehouseman and boot factor, and his wife Caroline LENNARD. At the age of 19 she worked as a machinist in the Lennard Bros shoe manufacturing business.

Photo  The North Party at Middleton One Row July 22nd 1925

C Ward Darlington Branch Middle Row 6th from the left

Photo: North managers at Roundhay Park Leeds July 9th 1924

C Ward Whitley Bay Second Row last on the right

Elsie Ward 

Working at Runcorn Branch found 4th Qtr 1924

Frank Ernest Ward

Born 1890 at Knighton, Leicestershire, son of Samuel Charles Ward, shoe warehouseman and boot factor, and his wife Caroline Lennard. In 1911 he worked as a boot repairer at Sheffield.

Fred Ward
Born 14 January1875 at Kendall, Westmorland, he married Phoebe GRIEVESON at Chester-le-Street, Co Durham, in 1901 and they had a daughter Doris WARD 1902. At the age of 16 he worked as a Kendal boot dealer’s assistant and from at least 1901 to 1911 he managed the company’s premises at 85-87 Front Street, Chester-le-Street.

Harry Ward 

Manager of Babington Buildings Derby from 1915-1941.                                                        Derby daily Telegraph 19th April 1941 DERBY MANAGER’S DEATH The funeral will take place at Boulton St. Mary’s Church, Alveston, on Monday, of Mr. Harry Ward (52j, of 20, Coronation-avenue, Alveston, manager of the Public Benefit Boot Co., Ltd., Derby, since 1915. Mr. Ward, who died at his home Thursday night, had been seriously ill for about three weeks. He leaves a widow and one son. A native of Nottingham, Mr. Ward came to Derby in 1912, and was engaged by the company as an assistant. For some time he was president the Dolphin Swimming Club, Derby. 

Samuel Charles Ward
Born around 1850 at Leicester, son of Samuel WARD, hairdresser, and his wife Mary Ann PRESTON. In 1873 he married Caroline LENNARD, daughter of Frederick LENNARD and his wife Mary GANT. Their children included Harry  1875, Alice Mary Ellen  1878, Alfred John c1879, Florence Emma  1881, Margaret Ethel  1883, Samuel Charles  1885, Clara  1889 and Frank Ernest  1890. He worked in the Leicester shoe warehousing business of Lennard Bros and in 1911 he operated as a boot factor in Sheffield. Three of his sons, Alfred, Samuel and Frank, followed him into the boot trade, operating as boot repairers and dealers.

Samuel Charles Ward
Born 1885 at Leicester, son of Samuel Charles Ward, shoe warehouseman and boot factor, and his wife Caroline Lennard. In 1911 he worked as a boot repairer and dealer with Lennard Bros in Leicester.

Photo:  Nott’s & Lincs ‘on their tour 1925

T Ward Manager Goole 3rd Row 4th from the left

MRS Ward 3rd row last on the right

Photo: Notts.& lincs.at Arboretum Nottingham 26th June 1924

T Ward Goole Branch Third Row 10th along from the left

Mrs Ward 2nd Row 8th along from the left

Photo:  T Ward 

Manager of 33 Boothferry Road Goole branch 1913- 1927

Florence Wardle

Born 1874 at Hull, Yorkshire, daughter of James Whitworth WARDLE, yeast merchant, and his wife Margaret SUTTON. In 1901 she worked as a boot shop assistant in Hull and she married in 1904.

Photo: Myers Warrington

Born 1862 at Hunslet began working with Dickinson brothers at the Back-Lane factory in 1880 as a benchman and eventually became works manager. He died on 2nd August 1925. Brow attended his funeral.

Alfred William Warry

Born 1876 at London, the son of George Augustus WARRY, carpenter and joiner, and his wife Emily WORTHINGTON. At the age of 13 he worked as a shop assistant and ten years later managed the Public Benefit Boot Co branch at 110 High Road, Chiswick. He married Edith Eleanor SMITH in 1897 and their children were Dorothy Eleanor May 1898, Sydney Alfred 1901 and John William  1904. The family immigrated to Canada in 1906. His wife Edith died in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1946 aged 69 and he died there in 1950 aged 73.

Arthur Pratt Wass
Born 1875 at Sudbury, Suffolk, son of Alfred WASS, labourer and painter, and his wife Maria BROWN. He married Alice Maud PALMER in 1900 and their children included Aron Charles Pratt WASS 1902, Eva Maude WASS c1906 and Alice Muriel WASS 1909. From the age of 16 and for at least 10 years he worked as a boot shop assistant in Sudbury. In 1911 he worked as a boot and shoe salesman at the company’s premises at 5 York Road, Battersea, London. He died at Wandsworth, London in 1919 aged 44.

Mr Waters 

Manager Burton on Trent for many years his wife assisted

Mr Waterson 

Manager at Walsall sent to manage Spalding 1st QTR 1926

Mr S. Waterworth 

Manager in 1952 of Shipley Branch: 19th Oct. 1949 Shipley Times & Express. Branch adjoins the ‘Palace’ this branch was put up for sale and on 6th April 1955 the council withdrew their offer due to the poor state of the building. Years later there is a resolution.

Shipley times Feb 1955 SHOPKEEPERS’ VIEWS Comments from neighbouring shopkeepers Included; Mr. Clive Webster, manager of Henry Smith & Son, outfitters, and secretary of Shipley and Baildon District Traders’ Association. ‘lt’s very welcome news. Strangers to the town are bound to be appalled by the condition of the Palace. The establishment of multiple stores such as a Woolworth’s, would help bring trade to the town.” Mr. S. Waterworth. manager of the Benefit Footwear Co. Ltd., which adjoins the Palace: —”I’m glad to hear it. The place has been unoccupied and useless for some years now. It will cost a lot of money to renovate it. I suppose, but any change in its present appearance is bound to be for the better.” Mr. G. L. Gooding, licensee of the Fleece Inn. next door:— “Thank goodness for that. It’s time something was done with it. Consult Northern Branches Shipley P-Z

Mr F Watley

Worked at the Public Benefit Boot Co manufacturing facility at St Paul’s Street, Leeds until it closed in 1934.

Mr H. J.Watts 

Manager of 29 Victoria Street Grimsby during the early 1920’s, followed by manager of new branch at Great Crosby nr Liverpool found 3rd Qtr 1924

George Augustus Webb

Embezzlement The Swindon advertiser & North Wilts Chronicle October 1896 reports summonsed for embezzlement at the old Swindon Branch. Mr Withy who appeared for the prosecution, against George Augustus Webb, 24, Fleet Street who was remanded on a charge of stealing 10s 4d., the monies of his employers, the Public Benefit Boot Company. excerpt consult Swindon Southern Branches P-Z

William Richard Webb

Born 1862 at Bristol, Gloucestershire, son of John WEBB, machinist, and his wife Ann JONES. He married Harriett Jane BOWDEN in 1887 and their children included Ronald Spencer Glanvil WEBB 1888 and Ida Beatrice Anne WEBB 1889. From 1881 to 1891 he worked as a clerk and manager in a Kingswood shoe factory, and from 1901 to 1911 he managed the company’s retail premises at 46 Regent Street, Kingswood, Bristol.

George Edmund Wedge
Born 1877 at Dudley, Staffordshire, son of George WEDGE, iron furnace worker, and his wife Ann MASON. At the turn of the century he managed the Public Benefit Boot Co premises at 78 Lynn Street, West Hartlepool. In the early 1900’s he was a district inspector for the company and in 1920 he was appointed a director of the Public Benefit Boot Co. In 1924 he acted as best man at the wedding of the company’s managing director, Brow DICKINSON.

Photo: George Edmund Wedge as seen in 1927

Photo  The North Party at Middleton One Row July 22nd 1925

G E Wedge Middle Row 5th from the right

Photo:  North managers at Roundhay Park Leeds July 9th 1924

G E Wedge Front Row 6th from the right

Photo: Notts.& lincs.at Arboretum Nottingham 26th June 1924

G E Wedge Third Row 8 along from the left

Alfred Edward Weller

Born 1886 at Bramshott, Hampshire, son of William WELLER, domestic gardener, and his wife Sarah Ann JUPP. He married Florence Caroline GOODWIN in 1907 and their children included Eva Marion Laura WELLER 1908 and Eric Plato WELLER 1914. In 1911 at the age of 24 he managed the company’s boot shop at 65 East Street, Chichester, Sussex and in 1916, their new premises at 1 East Street, Chichester. He served in the RAMC during WWI and died at Chichester in 1971 aged 84.

West Sussex Gazette Oct 1937  W.E.A. NOW WED Two young people very well known in the city, Mr. James Frederick Blackmore and Miss Ena Marion Lorna Weller, were married at St. Bartholomew’s Church on Thursday . The bride’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Weller,(Mr A.E.Weller is manager of the Chichester Branch of Lennards Ltd)  . The bridegroom has been for some time on the staff of Chichester Post Office, and he and the bride have acted as joint Secretaries of Chichester branch of the Workers’ Educational Association. Lennards Ltd HQ sent gifts and Miss Weller had worked as an assistant in the Lennards Corner branch from time to time. 

John Paice Westmucket
Born 1877 at Portsmouth, Hampshire, son of John Paice WESTMUCKETT, naval officer, and his wife Mary. He married Martha Elizabeth BACON in 1902 and their children included Kathleen Elizabeth 1907 and Phyllis May 1910. He worked firstly as a boot shop assistant in Bournemouth and in 1911 he managed the company’s premises at 106 High Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire. He died at Portsmouth in 1954 aged 77.

Arthur Weston
Born 1867 at Derby, son of Henry WESTON, foundry worker, and his wife Emma JACKSON. He married Annie BARKER in 1896 and their children included Ida WESTON 1898 and Joseph Henry WESTON 1900. He first worked at the Public Benefit Boot Co premises in Derby before going on to manage a branch in Warwickshire and in 1911 the company’s premises at 95 High Street, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

Sir Arthur Frederick Pullman Wheeler portrait

Sir Arthur Frederick Pullman Wheeler
Born 1900 at Leicester, son of Arthur WHEELER (later Sir Arthur WHEELER), stockbroker, and his wife Mary PULLMAN. He was a highly regarded director of a number of public companies. In 1929 he joined the Benefit Footwear board (as Mr A F P Wheeler) at the time when Gresham Trust Ltd, of which we was then managing director, first acquired a financial interest in Benefit Footwear. He continued on the Benefit Footwear board until at least 1947 and died at his home in Ulverscroft, Leicestershire 16 December 1964 aged 64.

Charles White

Porter at a branch of P.B.Boot company and Lennards in Bristol

Bristol Mercury June 1894 THEFT OF BOOTS, -William Henry Wilson, a young man, was charged with stealing a pair of boots and a pair of tan ‘shoes, the property of the Public Benefit Boot Company. on Saturday evening. Charles White, porter to the Public Benefit Boot Company Leonard and Co.), said that on Saturday evening he saw the defendant outside the shop looking at some tan Shoes. After a time he suddenly ran off. Mr Brown. the manager of the shop, identified the pairs of boots. Detective Williams stated that on the evening in question ho arrested the man in St. Philip’s. He acknowledged stealing the shoes, but said he did not take the boots. The boots wore found at his sisters’ house. Prisoner pleaded guilty, and said that his sister did not know where he obtained the boots. He was the worse for drink at the time. Fined 10s and costs, or 14 days

George White

Manager 170 Sidwell Street Exeter 1912-1916

John W. White 

Manager of 6a Church Street, Loughborough 1889-1892

Samuel Slater Whitfield

Born 1853 at Wetherby, Yorkshire, son of Thomas WHITFIELD, joiner and builder. He first worked as a grocer and draper before becoming a boot maker and dealer in Wetherby. He was a shareholder in the Public Benefit Boot Co and continued as a boot dealer in Wetherby into the 1900’s.

Miss Whitfield

from ‘Lion House’ becomes manager at Hyde Park Leeds 1928

Tennyson Whitehead

Born 1870 at Saddleworth, Yorkshire, the son of Samuel WHITEHEAD, woollen finisher, and his wife Jane ROBERTS. In 1890 at Saddleworth he married Mary Jane BOTTOMLEY and their children included Sam  1890 and Arnold Sydney  1895. From 1891 until his death in 1905 at the age of 35 he worked as a nightwatchman, warehouseman and packer for Lennards Brothers, boot manufacturers, Leicester, trading as the Public Benefit Boot Co.

W J Whiting
Mr Whiting joined the Public Benefit Boot Co in 1926 and managed one of the company shops Sunderland, before he was appointed inspector of the of the midlands and southern district in 1935. His primary responsibility in this role was to ensure that the company’s policies were carried out consistently throughout his region. He joined the Army in September 1941 and served with the Middle East Forces. He returned to the company in January 1946. Further information is being sought on Mr Whiting.W.J.Whiting  120 Park Ave North, Northampton is advertising for staff for the shops in the Northampton region in 1947

Sunderland Echo May 1932 BOOT SHOPS OPEN TOO LONG SUNDERLAND MANAGERS FINED Two cases of keeping boot shops open after closing hours came before Sunderland magistrates to-day, and in each case fine of 10s was imposed. The first defendant was Cecil Swinhoe. manager for Messrs Timpson. Ltd.. High Street West. PC. Lines stated that the shop was open at 7.33 p.m. on May 13. the closing hour being 7 pan. Swinhoe stated that the circumstances were exceptional. It being the Friday before Whitsuntide. In the case of William John Whiting, manager of the Public Benefit Boot Company. High Street West, P.C. Lines said the shop was open the same evening at 7 25. Whiting said he had closed the shop at o’clock, but re-opened again at 7.10 on seeing that others in the same trade were still open

Sunderland Echo July 1933  An appeal for chairs for the Sea View allotment Association was swiftly met by a Quick Response  on Thursday regarding the need for chairs for the new clubhouse . Mr W. Whiting, manager of the Public Benefit Boot Company, of High Street West, tells me that he has six chairs at the premises which have been rendered redundant owing to alterations

William Whiteley 

Franchisee for the Stockport branch: Northampton Mercury April 1885 William Whiteley trading as The Public Benefit Boot Company at number 19 Lower Hill gate was sued by a firm of machine manufacturers Salmon & Company of Kettering. It appears Whitely when living and carrying on a business in Leeds ordered certain machines used in the boot trade. They were sent via the Midland Railway. This occurred in November 1881. Having paid an instalment of £5 he still owed £15.11s.6d. Judgement was given for the plaintiff and Whiteley had to pay the sum owing as an immediate payment. The reason it had taken so long to get the defendant to court was he had left Leeds and despite intensive searching his whereabouts only came to light during a trade show and William Whiteley’s name was spotted

Robert Whiteside

Burnley Express July 1905  A young assistant aged 16 Robert Whiteside at 75 St James Street hung himself he lived at 62 Clive Street Stoneyholme. Titus Roberts, manager for the Public Benefit Boot Company, 75, St. James-street, stated that Whiteside. who had been an assistant in the’ shop, was on duty on Monday morning at the usual hour, nine o’clock, he worked all the morning, and went to dinner about quarter to one. He never returned. The Coroner: asked many questions and ended with the conclusion that he took his own life but there was no evidence to show his state of mind.

Mr Whiteside 

Manager of Llandudno found 3rd QTR 1925-1927

Leonard Wilfred Whybrow

Born 1895 at West Ham, Essex, son of Frederick William WHYBROW, compositor, and his second wife. At the age of 16 he worked as a shop assistant at one of the company’s premises in London. He served in WWI and married Violet E DICKSON in 1928. Their children included Peter J L WHYBROW 1932 and Jean S M WHYBROW 1936. He died in 1957 aged 62 and his widow Violet died in 1983 aged 88.

Mr Wildridge 

Manager of Dudley branch moved to Springhill branch 1924

William Wilford 

Manager of a branch in Northumberland Street Newcastle 1953

John William Wilkes

Born 1867 at Hitchin, Hertfordshire, son of Amos WILKES, gardener and domestic servant, and his wife Eleanor MITCHELL. He married Julia May ELWELL in 1893 at Wolverhampton and their children included Geoffrey William  1894, Florence May  1898, Olive Constance 1899, Ethel Margaret  1901 Edith Mary 1903, Allan Hubert  1905 and Arthur Donald  1906. In the early 1890’s he managed the Public Benefit Boot Co premises at 55 Church Street, Bilston, Staffordshire. He died at Leicester 25 October 1932 aged 65 and his widow Julia died there 25 July 1936 aged 66.

Mr Jack Wilkinson 

New manager sent to Scunthorpe 4th QTR 1927.Sent on to manage Oldbury branch in 4th QTR 1928

Hull Daily Mail January 1928 FOUR CHARGES AGAINST SCUNTHORPE DOMESTIC.  Scunthorpe justices Monday dealt leniently with Margaret Jade Crow (23), a domestic servant, against whom there were four charges of false pretences at Brigg and Scunthorpe. She was alleged to have obtained two pairs of shoes from Jack Wilkinson, manager the Scunthorpe branch of the Public Benefit Boot Company. On December 23rd; with obtaining and lodging to the value of 20s by means of false pretences from Florence Singleton, and with obtaining food and lodging the value 5s from Maud Hill… Consult Northern branches P-Z  Scunthorpe for full story

Edward Arthur Willett

Born 1878 at Nantwich, Cheshire, son of Arthur WILLETT, clothing factory foreman, and his wife Harriet BLACKMORE. He married Selina Grace GIBSON in 1905 and their children included James WILLETT c1909 and Olive WILLETT 1911. In 1901 he worked as a boot salesman on Peascod Street, Windsor and in 1911 he managed the company’s premises at 21 Bridge Street, Spalding, Lincolnshire. His wife died in Lancashire in 1939 and he died there the following year aged 62.

Mrs Alice Williams 

Manageress 1911 at 146 Langworthy Road, Seedley, Salford her assistant was daughter Lily both listed for the year 1911 but likely to have been longer


New manager of Sparkhill Branch (Midlands) 2nd QTR 1926

Mr Williams 

New manager of new branch in Louth 1st QTR 1927

Leonard Williams

Yorkshire E. Post 21st November 1942 Gunner Leonard William R.A. died at the battle of Egypt he worked for P.B (photo in newspaper)

Mary Wiliams

Born c1857 at St Ives, Cornwall, daughter of William Williams, master shipwright, and his wife Harriet James Couch Roberts. In 1911 she was unmarried at the age of 54 and acted as an agent and manageress for Lennards Ltd premises at Fore Street, St. Ives Cornwall, as she had done for at least the previous 15 years.

Miss Wilson 

Assistant of Anlaby Road Hull branch died suddenly found 1st QTR 1926

Edgar Willis 

Errand boy 1896 Green Market Penzance branch

William Wills

Salesman at Bristol 124 Lawrence Hill consult Western daily Press Nov 1897 report above on felony case

Western daily Press Nov 1897—Fanny Ford. 37. was charged with stealing a pair of boots, value 4s 11d. the property of the Public Benefit Boot Company William Wills, in the employ of the company, said that on the previous , day he saw the woman handling some boots outside the company’s shop, at 124. Lawrence HiII. Shortly afterwards he noticed a pair of boots was missing, he went into the street, and saw the woman some distance down the street. He called another salesman, and they hurried after the woman, who first refused to come hack to the shop, afterwards she agreed to return, and, as she was turning round, he saw her drop a pair of bools. After further evidence had been taken, the bench imposed a fine 11s, or 14 days. 

Mrs A M Wilson 

Assistant at Northumberland Street Newcastle 1940’s-50’s

Richard Wilson 

Manager of the High Street Brierley Hill branch 1889. Consult Northern Branches A-G for full details of the case

William Wilson 

Manager in 1882 (Franchise) Toll Gavel Beverley

Thomas Willstead

Born 1861 at Drybrook, Gloucestershire, son of William WILLSTEAD, collier, and his wife Mary Ann SHIN. He married Fanny SAVEGAR in 1881 and their children included George  1883, William James  1885, Florence  1890, Albert Thomas  1894, Bertha  1896 and Edith Louisa 1901. He operated an outfitter’s shop on High Street, Cinderford, Gloucestershire, and became an agent for the Public Benefit Boot Co. He died at Cinderford 23 January 1929 aged 67 and his widow Fanny died 21 September 1931 aged 68.

Photo:  Nott’s & Lincs ‘on their tour 1925

T F Winfield Mexboro branch in the charabanc standing 2nd from the left

Mrs Winfield in the charabanc seated fifth from the left

Photo: Notts.& lincs.at Arboretum Nottingham 26th June 1924

T F Winfield Mexboro Branch Third Row 2nd on the left

Mrs Winfield 2nd Row 1st on left

George Winspur 

A half time boy at Spark Hill Birmingham branch 1st Qtr 1927

W M Wiseman

He worked for Benefit Footwear in the 1960’s and was admitted to the company’s life assurance scheme in April 1967.

Raymond Wombwell

(photo in newspaper) 23rd October 1943 Lincolnshire Std & Boston Guardian worked for the Boston branch. Father and son are volunteers in the present conflict, of 10, Wheeler Close, Boston. When in September. 1939. the Light Anti-Aircraft Battery was formed under the command of Major S. C. Wright, one the first to enrol was Mr. John Joseph Womb well, who is at present serving in India, being stationed at Bombay. . His son Sgm. Raymond Wombwell. is now serving with the Central Mediterranean Forces, and this week he has written to us from Sicily. He says “I thought a few of your readers might be interested in what life is like in Sicily. I landed here soon after the invasion began, and Jerry welcomed us with a few bombs. Still everyone was happy, for they all missed by miles. “On the way here we passed Tangiers at night, which was a marvellous sight. We also saw Algiers and Malta, both of which were quite Impressive. “Life in Sicily to-day is fairly normal, and the population seem pleased about the surrender of Italy. The roads on the island are wicked, for the best part simply full of holes, and ride along them in a lorry is to compered with a switchback at Skegness. “ The people, but for a few, are poorly clad, and the houses are generally filthy, with family, donkeys and chickens all living under the same roof. “The streets in the town are used more to deposit rubbish in than anything else, and as a playground for the smaller children, many of whom are naked. In nearly all towns arid villages the population draw their water from one or two springs, and cooking in quite a lot of cases is done in the streets. “There is plenty of fruit here, principally oranges with black and white grapes.” Before he volunteered for the Forces Raymond was employed in the Public Benefit Boot Stores, Boston . He has been in the Army for three years, two of which he served in the Sherwood Foresters, after which he transferred to the Royal Corps of Signals

Thomas Cole Wonnacott

Born 1878 at Tavistock, Devon, son of Thomas WONNACOTT, draper, and his wife Eliza TOMES. He married Florence Gertrude TREBLE 1906 and they had a son Norman Thomas Percival WONNACOTT 1908 at Bristol. In 1911 he managed the company’s premises at 4 Long Wyre Street, Colchester, Essex. He later worked for a Bristol clothing company and served with the Royal Engineers in WWI.

Sir Edward Wood
Born 16 January 1839 at Derby, son of William WOOD, engine smith, and his wife Emma PARKES. Edward’s family moved to Leicester around 1850 and in 1861 he married Ann SEWELL of Uppingham. Their children included Annie Eliza WOOD 1863, Catherine Sewell WOOD 1865 and Louisa Emma WOOD 1866. In the 1860’s he worked briefly in the footwear trade with Pickering & Stratham before establishing his own business. In 1878 he sold his boot and shoe business (E Wood & Co) to three colleagues – Messrs Freeman, Hardy and Willis and he continued on as chairman and managing director of the new limited company. Under his guidance, Freeman, Hardy and Willis grew significantly over the following 40 years and by the 1920’s there were more than 800 retail outlets around the country. Edward was the Mayor of Leicester on four occasions and was knighted in 1906. He died 22 September 1917 aged 78.

Thomas Edward Wood
Born c1882 at St Helens, Lancashire, son of Thomas Aloycious WOOD, schoolmaster, and his wife Ellen NUGENT. He married Ethel BARKER in 1906 at Stoke upon Trent and their children included Thomas Bernard WOOD 1906 and Harold Byron WOOD 1908. In 1911 he managed the company’s premises at 97 Eastbank Street, Southport.

Photo: G. Woodhouse 

1926  manager at Templar Street repairs Leeds. Joined at Brook Street Hull in 1913

Sir James Thomas Woodhouse portrait 

Born 16 July 1852 at Flambrough, Yorkshire, the eldest son of James Thomas WOODHOUSE, fisherman, and his wife Dorothy MARTON. He studied law at the University of London and in 1876 he married Jessie REED of Hull. Their children included Harold James Selbourne WOODHOUSE 1877 (later Sir Harold), Walter Herbert WOODHOUSE 1878, Arthur Montague WOODHOUSE 1880, Gladys WOODHOUSE 1882, Kathleen Jessie WOODHOUSE 1884 and Horace Martin WOODHOUSE 1887 (later Sir Horace). He was appointed Mayor of Hull in 1891 and sat in Parliament 1895-1966 as Liberal member for Huddersfield. Sir James was appointed chairman of the first board of directors of the Public Benefit Boot Co in 1897. He died at his London residence in Regent’s Park 8 February 1921 aged 68.

Daniel Thomas Woodman
Born 1856 at Oldham, Gloucestershire, son of Thomas WOODMAN, coal miner, and his wife Ann WEEKS. He married Harriet BALL in 1878 and their children included Florence WOODMAN 1879, Martha Elizabeth WOODMAN 1880, Sarah Ella WOODMAN 1881, William Ewart Thomas WOODMAN 1886 and Annie Lavinia WOODMAN 1891. For many years Daniel managed a boot dealership on High Street, Normanton, Yorkshire, with assistance from his son William and his daughters Florence and Sarah. He died in 1923 and the Public Benefit Boot Co and Benefit Footwear continued to trade at that address until around 1960.

Florence Woodman
Born 1879 at Altofts, Yorkshire, daughter of Daniel Thomas WOODMAN, boot dealer, and his wife Harriet BALL. In 1901 she worked as a shop assistant at the Public Benefit Boot Co premises managed by her father at 38 High Street, Normanton, Yorkshire.

Sarah Ella Woodman
Born 1881 at Normanton, Yorkshire, daughter of Daniel Thomas WOODMAN, boot dealer, and his wife Harriet BALL. In 1911 she worked as a shop assistant at the Public Benefit Boot Co premises managed by her father at 38 High Street, Normanton, Yorkshire.

William Ewart Thomas Woodman
Born 1881 at Normanton, Yorkshire, son of Daniel Thomas WOODMAN, boot dealer, and his wife Harriet BALL. He worked as a boot dealer’s assistant at the Public Benefit Boot Co premises managed by his father at 38 High Street, Normanton, Yorkshire. In 1920 at Normanton he married Jessie COPLEY. He died in 1970 aged 84.

George Henry Woodward 

Assistant  of Stroud branch 1886. Manager of the shop in 1898

Stroud News and Gloucestershire Adv June 1886 Margaret Sims dressmaker  of Cainscross, was charged with obtaining by false pretences one pair of boots, value 3. 11d, the property of William Leonard, of the Public Benefit Boot Shop, Stroud, on May 28. Prosecutor, on being asked to be sworn, said he wished to ask permission to withdraw the case on consideration for the parents—The Chairman said it was a public prosecution, and they must hear the evidence.— Prosecutor then stated that defendant came to his shop and asked to have two pairs. of boots for Miss Barton, at Mr Hobb’s shop, as she could not get out. He did not know Miss Barton, but knew Mr Hobbs, and thought it was right. He knew the prisoner by sight, but not by name. He should have let her had the boots if she had asked for them in her own name. One pair was returned in about half an hour by a lad. George Henry Woodward, assistant to prosecutor, said that he was in the shop when defendant came in. excerpt consult Stroud Southern Branches P-Z for full story

Gloucester Citizen Sept 1898 STROUD TO-DAY. THE NEW VACCINATION ACT. FIRST APPLICATIONS AT THE POLICE COURT. At the Stroud Police-court—before Messrs. C. H. Stanton (in the chair), Alfred Apperly, J. C. Little, Clement Ritchie, and W. Winterbotham. Considerable interest was manifested in the following applications:—George Henry Woodward, manager of the Public Benefit Boot Shop, High-street, Stroud, applied to the Bench under the New Vaccination Act, and said that he conscientiously believed that vaccination would be prejudicial to the health of his children. excerpt from the case consult Stroud Southern Branches P-Z

Photo:  Nott’s & Lincs ‘on their tour 1925

J Woolley Chesterfield 2nd Row up 1st on the left

Mrs Woolley 3rd Row & 2nd from the left

Photo: Notts.& lincs.at Arboretum Nottingham 26th June 1924

J Woolley Chesterfield Branch Third Row 12 along from the left

Mrs Woolley 2nd Row 11th along from the left

John Woolley

Born 1877 at Sheffield, Yorkshire, he married Gertrude WOOLLEY in 1902 at Sheffield. They had a son Clifford WOOLLEY 1904 at Chesterfield, Derbyshire where John managed the company’s premises at 21 Stephenson Place.                                                              Derbyshire times and Chesterfield herald 17th February 1950 FUNERAL OF MR. J. WOOLLEY Building Society Director. The death occurred on Sunday of Mr. John Woolley (73) at the home of his son and daughter-in law’, Mr. and Mrs. C. Woolley, 190. Station Road. Brimington. He had lived in Chesterfield for many years and was manager of the Public Benefit Boot Company for 50 years. He retired six years ago. He was a director of Chesterfield Building Society, and a member of Marsden Street Church. His wife, Mrs, Gertrude Woolley, died five years ago. The funeral took place yesterday (Thursday) at Boythorpe Cemetery and was preceded by a service in Marsden Street Church, Mourners were: Mrs. C, Woolley. Mr. and Mrs. H, Robinson, Mrs. E. Graham, Mr. and Mrs. A. Newman. John Woolley, Mr. and Mrs, J. Lee, Mrs. J. Nicholson

Mr P. S. Woolley 

Manager of the Taunton shop Western Gazette July 1911 Taunton Sidney Davey a cycle agent who also kept a stall in the market place for the sale of cycle accessories noticed one of his oil lamps suspended from the stall ‘flared up’ and as he tried to lower the flame oil dripped on him and he was set alight. He ran off amongst the crowd and no one could catch him to douse the flames. He then ran shrieking into the Public benefit shop where the staff put out the fire. Taken to hospital by the police and Mr P. S. Woolley the manager as the man was burnt severely in several places and spent a long time in hospital and is thought he will make a recovery.

Walter Worsnop

Born 1882 at Armley, Yorkshire, son of John Pickard WORSNOP, boot and shoemaker, and his wife Mary Elizabeth LEE. He married Mary Hannah HIGGINS in 1906 at Pontefract, Yorkshire. He was a Lennards Ltd shareholder and managed a boot and shoe business at Pontefract.

Mrs Worthington

Market Place Grantham Branch assistant 1940-1960 approx.

Mr Wrigglesworth

Manager of 188 Wellsted Street Hull which had a gas leak. He had a novel way of finding it 

AN EXPLOSION ON THE HESSLE-ROAD (188 Wellsted Street).HDM 16th January 1893 “LOOKING FOR GAS” WITH A LIGHTED MATCH, Customary Result. Between 10 and 11 o’clock on Saturday morning an explosion of a rather serious character took place at the Hessle-road branch, 188 Wellsted Street establishment of the Public Benefit Boot Company. About 11 o’clock Wrigglcsworth, the manager, detecting a smell of gas, visited the upstairs rooms and examined the taps but failing to discover the whereabouts of the escape, he struck a match and applied it to the chandelier in the front room directly over the shop. At first this did not have the desired effect, and, continuing searching with the light until he reached the ceiling, an explosion took place, which shattered the ceiling and expelled a large quantity of the plaster through the front windows into the street. The effects of the explosion did not stop here. The door was splintered, and the adjoining rooms on the same floor were also damaged. Curiously enough, a door and its supports on the ground floor, immediately under the scene of the explosion, were dislodged and shivered into matchwood. Miss Vaughan, who was stood by at the time, narrowly escaped, while Mr Wrigglesworth, who was at the centre of the explosion, fortunately received no other injury beyond some slight burns on the right arm.

Photo: Notts.& lincs.at Arboretum Nottingham 26th June 1924

F Wright Newark Branch Third Row 2nd to last next to the lady

Mrs Wright 2nd Row 5th along on the left

Photo:  Nott’s & Lincs ‘on their tour 1925

Mrs Wright, Mr F Wright of Newark Branch 3rd row 5th & 6th from the left

Photo: F Wright

Manager of Newark Branch from 1894-1926 32 years. His daughter W. Wright was assistant at the same Branch until 1926 when marriage ended the arrangement.  

Mr Wright 

New manager sent to new branch Armthorpe 1st QTR 1928

Arthur G Wright

Mr Wright joined the Public Benefit Boot Co in 1932 and managed one of the company shops before he was appointed inspector of the of the Leeds district in 1937. His primary responsibility as an inspector was to ensure that the company’s policies were carried out consistently throughout his region. He joined the RAF in October 1941, was mentioned in despatches and attained the rank of Flight Lieutenant. He returned to the company in March 1946. Further information is being sought on Mr Wright.

Harry C Wright
Born 1907 at Hull, son of Robert WRIGHT, hotel porter, and his wife Mary. He joined the Public Benefit Boot Co in 1919 and first managed the Public Benefit premises at 83 Newland Avenue, Hull and then the branch at The Moorhead, Sheffield. He likely married Lillian A SUDDABY in 1934 at Hull. In 1937 he was appointed inspector of the western district (encompassing Lancashire and Northern Wales). His primary role was to ensure that the company’s policies were carried out consistently throughout his region. He served the company for 55 years.

Harry Edgar Wright
Born 1897 at Crewe, Cheshire, the youngest of three sons of Frank WRIGHT, linotype print operator, and his wife Florence STAWPERT. His mother died when he was an infant and in 1900 his father married Ann SIMISTER. In 1932 he joined Benefit Footwear and energetically built up the extensive shoe repairing operations of the company in Leeds. He was affectionately known as H.E.W. and in 1941 was a founding member of the National Association of Shoe Repair Factories (NASRF). In 1945 he was elected president of this organisation that was formed to work with the wartime government to obtain ongoing supplies of leather, necessary for the repair of army boots. Under his management the Benefit Central Repairs Factory was responsible for the repair of more than 1,000 pairs of army boots per week during wartime. He died in April 1960.

Herbert Wright
Born 21 May 1910 at Hull, son of Robert WRIGHT, hotel porter, and his wife Mary. From 1919 to 1923 he worked as an errand boy at the Public Benefit Boot Co premises at Prospect Street, Hull. In 1931 at Hull he married Hilda ABBEY and their children include Kenneth 1931, Norman  1935, Joan  1937 and Gordon  1942. He died at Hull aged 81.

Benjamin Yeates
Born 1833 at Monmouth, son of Benjamin YEATES, agricultural labourer, and his wife Elizabeth ELIAS. He married Fanny NELMES in 1866 and their children included Alfred B. 1866, Clara Elizabeth  1868, Emily Louisa  1869, Frances Millicent  1872, Edith Helen  1874, Francis Harold  1876, Sidney Charles  1879, Florence Helena  1881 and Ella May  1885. Benjamin managed a boot dealership on Monnow Street, Monmouth, and following his death 15 January 1890 aged 56, his widow and children carried on the business. His widow Fanny died 12 February 1917 aged 74.

Frances Millicent Yeates

1872 assistant to her mother Fanny Yeates 8 & 12 Monnow Street Monmouth

Miss Young 

Assistant at Northumberland St. Newcastle 1940’s & 50’s

James Young

Born 1878 at Bristol, Gloucestershire, son of James YOUNG, tanner’s labourer, and his wife Clara Ann HICKS. He married Elizabeth Maud BLAKE in 1904 at Bristol. In 1911 he worked as a boot and shoe salesman at the company’s premises at 22 Market Street. Frome, Somerset. He was still living at this address when he died 7 March 1929 aged 51.

Somerset standard March 1911 IMPUDENT CASE OF SHOP LIFTING BY CHILDREN. SEQUEL TO BAD HOME INFLUENCE. MOTHER STRONGLY ADMONISHED BY THE BENCH. FATHER SYMPATHISED WITH. Violet Townsend (14) and Beatrice Townsend (13), two very diminutive children for their ages. living at Broadway, were summoned for stealing a pair of lady’s shoes valued 3s. 110., from the outside of a shop in the Frome Market Place, belonging to the Public Benefit Boot Company, while their sister, Edith Townsend, aged 17 years, a domestic servant, was charged with receiving the shoes well knowing them to have been stolen. James Young said he was the manager of the Public Benefit Boot Company’s branch shop in the Market-place at Promo, and it was his custom to hang some of the stock outside the shop. On the 3rd inst. there were several pairs of ladies’ shoes hung outside the shop, and at a quarter to eight in the evening they were all right, but when he wont to take them in at closing time he found one of the pairs missing. He identified the shoes produced as those missing by the name inside and by the make. The value of the shoes was 3s. 11d. The case is a lengthy one but the outcome was: Violet worked at a factory at Welshmill paid 3s 6d a week. Beatrice still went to school but was guilty of stealing other items in Frome Market place. Edith was bound over for twelve months and come up for judgement if called upon. Violet was placed under probation for a year. Beatrice had been under probation for the past six months and was ordered to an industrial school for three years. Firstly though a school had to be found and an inspector in a later report commented that he had tried eight schools and none had any places. he also was impressed with Beatrice saying her conduct had been exemplary whilst in his charge. Mrs Townsend would be sent to prison pending the payment of a fine by her husband. 


Ada TALLIS, 55 Dearman Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, Spinster

Walter TAMLIN, 42 Corporation Street, Birmingham, Boot Factor

Joseph TAUNTON, Widney Manor, Knowle, Esquire

Arthur D TAVINDER, Clifford Street, York

Caroline TAYLOR, 12 Bath Street, Bramley, Leeds

Elizabeth TAYLOR, Beechwood, Sherbourne Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham, Married

Henry Thomas TAYLOR, 4 Bolingbroke Street, Heaton, Newcastle on Tyne, Engineer

John Henry TAYLOR, 21 Park Street, Luton, Boot Factor

Thomas TAYLOR, 4 Derby Road, Nottingham, Jeweller

Robert THATCHER, 62 Page Hall Road, Grimesthorpe, Sheffield, Engineer

George THICKETT, 144 Abbeyfield Road, Sheffield

Walter Percival THOMPSON, 88 Birchfield Road, Birmingham

William Henry THOMPSON, 59 Louis Street, Spring Bank Hull, Cashier

William Fox TIBBETTS, 77 Meadow Street, Sheffield, Solicitor

Florence TILL, Leicester Grange, Hinckley

John TILL, Leicester Grange, Hinckley, Gentleman

Jane TIMMINS, c/o Mr D Hartley Huddersfield Road, Brighouse, Shop Assistant

Thomas TOWMAN, Fairfield Road, Chesterfield, Miller

Fearnley TOWNSEND, 7 Winding Road, Halifax, Grocer

George TRENHAM, 28 Grange View, Leeds, Salesman

Ephraim Wentworth TRIPPLETON, The Warrels, Bramley, Leeds, Woollen Manufacturer

William TRUSCOTT, 20 Tapton Terrace, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, M R Superintendent

Isabella Jane TURNBULL, 249 Hyde Park Road, Leeds, Spinster

Annie Maud TURNER, 28 Franklin Road, Harrogate, Spinster

Harry TURNER, 13 & 15 Bank Street, Sheffield, Wholesale Stationer & Agent

Thomas Bunton TURNER, London & Midland Bank, Leeds, Cashier

Fanny UNSWORTH, 206 Osmaston Road, Derby, Married

Francis Henry Dubbs VICKERMANN, Fairlea nr Huddersfield, Gentleman

Paul Frederick William VILLER, 155 Devonshire Street, Sheffield, Foreign Produce Merchant

Fanny Lydia VINE, 6 Park Road, Aston, Birmingham, Married

Edwin WADE, Porto Bello Mills, Wakefield

Herbert WADE, Porto Bello Mills, Wakefield, Manufacturer

Joseph WADE, Porto Bello Mills, Wakefield, Manufacturer

Rebecca WADE, Porto Bello Mills, Wakefield, Widow

Amelia WAINHOUSE, 1 Victoria Terrace, Lightcliffe

Andrew WALKER, Sanden House, Brunswick Street, Sheffield, Medical Practitioner

Charles Christ WALKER, 37 Westbourne Road, Broomhill, Sheffield, Engineer

Edward St Lawrence WALKER, Piccadilly Club, London W

Emily WALKER, 70 Caledonian Road, Leeds, Spinster

Lewis Bramley WALKER, 11 Clarendon Place, Leeds, Wholesale Clothier

Melville Mitchell WALKER, Yorkshire Banking Company, Leeds

Samuel WALKER, Birchencliffe, Huddersfield, Grocer

William Henry WALKER, Birstall Holt, Leicester, Manufacturer

William Huggin WALKER, Wicker Iron Works, Sheffield, Iron Master

James WALLACE, 47 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, Boot & Shoe Merchant

William WALLACE, 47 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, Boot & Shoe Merchant

Robert WALSHAW, Dryfield, Batley, Woollen Manufacturer

Jane Isabella WARD, 41 Hampton Road, Stockton on Tees, Married

Seth WARD, 24 Beech Grove, Harrogate, Gentleman

Ann WATERHOUSE, 1 Pryme Street, Hull, Spinster

William WATKINS, Magdalen Hospital, Streatham, London, Clerk in Holy Orders

Thomas Bond WATKINSON, Beechwood, Huddersfield

Charles WATSON, Burton Grange, Headingley, Leeds, Soap Manufacturer

Charles Henry WATSON, Cavendish House, Chorlton cum Hardy, Merchant

George WATSON, Donisthorpe House, Moortown Leeds, Soap Manufacturer

John WATSON, Cogan Chambers, Hull, Surveyor

John Alfred WATSON, 62 Oldham Street, Manchester, Merchant

Joseph WATSON, Donisthorpe House, Moor Allerton, Leeds, Hide Broker

Joseph WATSON, Donisthorpe House, Moor Allerton, Leeds

Mary Ann WATSON, Langley House, Carlton Grange Road, Whalley Range, Manchester, Married

Mary Anne, WATSON, Donisthorpe House, Moor Allerton, Leeds, Wife of George

William George WATSON, 62 Oldham Street, Manchester, Merchant

Norman WEBB, 100 Cowlishaw Road, Sharrow, Sheffield, Bank Cashier

Jane Eliza WEBSTER, 2 Roseville Terrace, Crossgates nr Leeds, Spinster

Joseph WEBSTER, 11 Southgate, Eckington nr Sheffield, Colliery Clerk

Mark Ellis WEBSTER, 91 The Mount, High Street, Eckington nr Sheffield, Colliery Clerk

James Pollard WESTERBY, 141 Spring Bank, Hull

Edward WESTON, Over Whitacre House nr Coleshill, Gentleman

Thomas WESTON, Mona House, Ranmoor, Sheffield, Newsagent

Frederick WHITBY, 46 Industry Road, Darnall, Sheffield, Agent

Dorothea Gilmour WHITE, 38 Louis St, Spring Bank Hull, Married

George WHITEHEAD, Deighton Grove, York, Gentleman

Arthur Wade WHITELEY, 42 Westgate, Huddersfield, Confectioner

Fanny WHITFIELD, Fern Villa, Horsforth, Married

Samuel Slater WHITFIELD, High Street, Wetherby, Yorks, Boot Dealer

Mary England WHITMAN, c/o W England, Imperial Road, Huddersfield, Married

Frank WHITTAM, 895 Leeds Road, Thornbury, Bradford, Grocer

Marion Bailey WIGGLESWORTH, 2 Kingston Square, Hull

Charles Froggatt WIKE, 11 Collegiate Crescent, Sheffield, City Surveyor

Harry WILKINS, 129 Rustlings Road, Sheffield, Manager

Harriet Louisa WILKINSON, 283 Fullwood Road, Sheffield, Spinster

William WILKINSON, 3 Town Street, Stanningley Leeds

Ellis WILLIAMSON, 3 Central Bank Chambers, Leeds, Corn Merchant

Alice WILLOUGHBY, Warrell’s Terrace, Bramley, Married

J WILLS, Dodbroke, Little Over Hill, Derby, Architect

William Henry WILMOT, 62 Albion Street, Birmingham, Jeweller

Charles Henry WILSON, Yorkshire Banking Company, Leeds, Bank Clerk

George Thorp WILSON, Saville House, Hull, Wine Merchant

Henry WILSON, 24 Grange View, Chapel town Road, Leeds, Traveller

Richard WILSON, 23 Cromer Terrace, Leeds, School Master

William Henry WILSON, 48 Park Road, Southport, Gentleman

Harry WOFFENDEN, 27 Honoria Street, Huddersfield, Traveller

George WOOD, 34 Manor Road, Holbeck, Leeds, Waterworks Superintendent

John Boston WOODCOCK, Westfield Grove, Wakefield, Gentleman

Joseph Edward WOODHEAD, Newland Thongsbridge nr Huddersfield, Yarn Spinner

Harold J Selbourne WOODHOUSE, 17 Parliament Street, Hull, Gentleman

Herbert WOODHOUSE, 17 Parliament Street, Hull, Solicitor

Sir James Thomas WOODHOUSE, Brough House, Brough, Yorkshire, Knight & MP

William WOOTTON, School House, Spencer Street, Birmingham, Gentleman

David WRIGHT, 23 Sholebroke Avenue, Leeds,

John Frederick WRIGHT, Hillfield Hall, Solihull, Manufacturer

Edith Mary WRIGLEY, Castlegate House, Skipton, Spinster

Walter WYNN, 148 Broomspring Lane, Sheffield, Managing Director

George YATES, 55 Hatfield Street, Wakefield, Cashier

Walter YATES, Town Hall, Leeds, Clerk

William Dix YEOMANS, 59 Blonk Street, Sheffield, Wholesale Grocer

George Heaves YOUATT, 79 Alexander Road, Manchester, Clerk