Southern Branches P-Z

Southern Branches P-Z Then and Now images in the Margin 

A Lennards list of branches totalling 250 from 1931 has been incorporated onto the Southern A-Z of branches. Where Lennards ceased trading a note beside the entry ‘Not Listed in 1931′ has been added if no note exists the branch has been continuously trading for the company.Lennards also began trading extensively in what was once considered Northern Territories, competing against their old partners the Leeds based Public Benefit Boot Company. I have also entered ‘Listed in 1931′ against each branch mentioned on the list. This presents a good inventory of branches under the Lennard banner.

A major project has been to not only establish ‘Then and now’ views of where and when the company traded but also to try and capture as many branches as possible particularly the early branches. In this way we can get some idea of the thinking behind the company strategy. By doing this there have been many surprises both on the Southern side-Lennards, and the Northern Side in the finding of ‘gems’. Using three main sources to populate the website are:

My own photos, our own collection of postcard views, Google Inc. Street views and Geograph Uk.

Up to circa 1910 and in some cases beyond to 1919 the cross over from Public Benefit Boot company to Lennards Ltd had not been completely achieved regarding the Southern territory branches; originally trading under the common title of Public Benefit Boot Company.

Margin Images ‘Then and Now’ scenes  click on images for enlarged view

Fig 1 Penzance Green market 1900 Taken form a newspaper cutting it shows the company rebuilding the old branch and extending into the shop next door. D.B. copyright

Fig 2 Penzance Green Market how the branch looks today Photo by D.B..JPG

Fig 3:Plymouth-Union-Street this once important thoroughfare connected with Devonport but today it appears to have all but vanished and this could be due in part to the terrible bombing of WW2. private collection

Fig 4:Plymouth was a big draw for the company and later Lennards. This part of Union Street is possibly the most original and the closest to the old postcard view. The Tailor on the right Fenecks supplied clothing to the military, Marines etc and did alterations. The credit Union is old established also and is nice to see traditional shops apart from the multitude of charity shops and fast food shops 2007Photo © Tom Jolliffe (cc-by-sa:2.0)

Fig 5: Reading Broad Street Queen Victoria Street.The company opened this huge emporium at 90-95 Broad Street around 1900 and rebuilt it into its’ present style opening in 1909. The branch was on the corner of Broad Street and Queen Victoria Street. The modern scene has changed very little in a hundred years. private collection

Fig 6:Reading Queen Victoria Street/ Broad street In the new 21st century we can still identify the Emporium of Public Benefit Boot company first established in c1898!This is number 90-95 rebuilt and opened in 1909 Photo © Scriniary (cc-by-sa:2.0) 2008

Fig 7 St Austell fore Street.The branch appears to be on the left of the image which is quite a nice view of Fore Street facing the church with the onlookers posing for the photograph. Private collection

Fig8 St Austell fore Street.Thomas Cook is the current occupier of number 32 Fore Street in which Public Benefit Boot company moved in from 1893 124 years ago. In the new century they removed to number 32a next door. The Holy trinity Parish church is on the immediate left.Photo © Michael Dibb (cc-by-sa:2.0)

Fig 9 Torquay The branch began at number 20 Upper Union Street and extended a few years later into number 18 which the cameraman

Fig 10 Torquay 18-20 Union street Derek captured this view of 18-20 Union Street, Cafe’ Nero, Once the Public Benefit Branch on the corner of Lower Union Lane and opposite the Vodafone Premises. 2016 Photo © Derek Harper (cc-by-sa:2.0)

Fig 11 Truro A long view of Boscawen street the branch now a bank is at the bottom on the right hand side Private collection.

Fig 12 Truro A close up of the Public Benefit Boot Branch on the corner of Boscawen & King Streets. The cathedral in my photo looms large but this magnificent structure was not completed until 1914. The immediate area was altered in order to accommodate this new Emporium. Photo by D.B.

Fig 13 Winchester High street. What a scene, everything is going on here it is so lively. The branch the very first one in Winchester was begun under a different title by Lennard Brothers, ‘The Mutual Stores’ seen on the left third building along. D.B. Collection

Fig 14 Winchester Looking down Winchester’s pedestrianised High Street with its famous clock – a Winchester landmark since it was presented to the city in 1713. This scene is a modern carbon copy of the old postcard in my collection, the resemblance is striking after 110 year gap.The branch is third building on the left.2009 photo @ Stephen Mckay cc sa 2.0 .jpg

Padstow Cornwall Not Listed in 1931

Duke Street, 1902-1918

Duke Street Cornwall and Devon Post 17th March 1906 an assistant upset a lighted oil lamp used for heating and set fire to the shop. A dairyman nearby and several passers by used a tarpaulin to smother the flames and save the shop.

Padstow, Cross Street, 1919

Paignton Devon 

3 Gerston Place, Torquay Road, 1902-1919

Paignton, 8 Torquay Road, 1929 Listed in 1931

Par Station Cornwall Not listed in 1931

Duke Street, 1914-1919

Penryn, Cornwall close to Falmouth

Lower Market Street, 1893-1895 & 1902 Kellys, 1910 

14 Market Street listed in 1931

Pentre, Glamorgan  Rhondda 

201 Ystrad Road Glamorgan Free Press 17th Dec. 1898, & 1900-1907, 1909

Pentre, 206 Ystrad Road, 1911-1920

Pentre, 100 Llewellyn Street, 1926, 1929 listed in 1931

Penzance, Cornwall   

The Green Market Branch was originally occupied as a single shop this being the half nearest to the pub-‘White Lion’  on the right hand side.. Next door was an old building which the company purchased and converted both buildings into the one seen today, opened in 1907. The building was altered substantially.

Cornish telegraph 24th January & 11th April 1895 branches listed include Penzance

Penzance Suicide at Penzance shop 1896 Cornishman 5th November               

Penzance Green Market Cornishman 5th November 1896 Theft of boots from the outside pegs.

Penzance, 1-3 Green Market, 1897-c1955 Kellys 

Penzance Cornishman 3-04-06-1924 Penzance Rotarian 1898 recollections

Penzance, 26 Market Place, 1902-1906 Kellys 

Penzance West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser 2-21-03-1907 new shop Green Market Penzance, Lennards Corner, The Green Market, 1938

Penzance Cornishman 8th September 1898 Theft by a woman from the Market Place shop

Penzance Royal Cornwall gazette 8th December 1898 Penzance has been added to: The Green Market & Market hall followed by Market Place. 

Penzance Cornishman 28-05-1924 Future of Penzance P.B. shop frontage concerns

Lennards Corner The Green Market listed in 1931 & 1945 & 1950 (Newspapers)

Penzance, 1945

Pershore, Worcestershire

 14 High Street, 1929 listed in 1931

Peterborough Northampton

7 Market Place, (S side), 1908-1914

Peterborough, 41 Narrow Bridge Street, 1913-1928

Peterborough, 41 Westgate, 1 Long Causeway, 1926-1927

Peterborough, Market Place, 1928-1929 Listed in 1931

Plymouth, Devon 

Cornishman 31st May 1894 adv. Plymouth Branch 87 Union Street, 1895-1914 (East Stonehouse) Lennard Brothers

12 Tavistock Street Devonport  1895-1898 Wm Lennard Boot maker manager up to 1898

Plymouth 9 Union Street, 1896-1919

Plymouth, 22 Tavistock Road, 1919

Plymouth, 98 Old Town Street, 1929

Plymouth, 152 King Street, 1900-1929 Listed in 1931

Plymouth, 82 Old Town Street, 1900-Listed in 1931 and confirmed Kellys 1938 & 1940 (newspapers) 

Pontefract Added from 1931 List

Lennards Corner 1 Market place listed in 1931

Pontypridd, Glamorgan

Free Press 23 Market Square & Taff Street (1 Branch) 17th Dec 1898

Pontypridd 9 Taff Street, 1900

Pontypridd, 23 Market Square, & 6 B Taff Street 1901-1926 (1 Branch fronts and backs two streets) and on the Market Street side it is opposite Church Street

6B Taff Street Listed in 1931


139 High Street, 1899-1916 close to the cathedral

Poole, 140 High Street, 1929 listed in 1931 close to the railway station

Port Talbot, Glamorgan 

1 Station Road, 1920 1926 Kellys’

Port Talbot, 64 Station Road, 1929 listed in 1931


58 Hannah Street South Wales News 13th July 1885 

Porth, Glamorgan

9 Station Street, 1926, 1929  listed in 1931


Portsmouth E. News 08-11-1892 Early Closing Mutual Boot Stores Commercial Road (A Lennard bros. registered trading company

PORTSMOUTH  & Landport 

This Branch traded under Mutual Boot Stores a Lennard Bros. trade-name. 273-275 Commercial Road, 1894-1911 confirmed Hampshire library Kellys  Telegraph Area redeveloped

Portsmouth, 155-157 Commercial Road, Landport (cnr Meadow Street) 1906-1923

Portsmouth, 193 Commercial Road, 1924-1927                                                           

Portsmouth, 147 Commercial Road, 1928- listed in 1931 and confirmed Kellys 1936                                                                       

Portsmouth, 179 Commercial Road, Portsmouth Evening News 20th April 1937 and re-opened in 1940? 

57 Kings Road, 1918-1940

Ramsgate, Kent 

52 High Street, 1929 listed in 1931


Reading Mercury 10th December 1898 90 Broad street

Reading Berkshire Chronicle 16th November 1901 announce 2 branches 27 & 90 Broad street.

Reading 27 Broad Street, 1899-1903 Temporary premises from 1899-1909 whilst number 90 Broad Street was being rebuilt. 

 Reading, 28 & 29 Broad Street c1905 (company was occupying 27-29 Broad Street at this time)

 Reading, 90 Broad Street, & 26, 28 Queen Victoria Street (Corner of Broad Street)  1899-1916 

Completely rebuilt and opened in 1909

Reading, 95 Broad Street, 1916-1929 listed in 1931 (further expansion follows)

Reading, 25 Whitley Street (E side), 1911-1915 & 1918 

6 King Street 1918 & 1924 Kelly’s Berkshire

Redfield, Gloucestershire Not Listed in 1931

261 Church Road, 1929

Redruth Cornwall

Cornubian & Redruth Times 5th May 1893 Pub Bene. 38 and a half Fore Street Redruth new branch. Cornubian & Redruth Times 17th July 1896 are advertising 38 and a half Fore street Redruth and Fore Street which was number 82.                                                         

Redruth 1895 Redruth Cornishman 28-11-1895 Theft.

Redruth, 38 Fore Street, 1893-1906 Still Public Benefit                                                                          

Redruth, 82 Fore Street, 1906-listed in 1931  as Lennards Ltd also  confirmed 1938, 1954

RUGBY Warwickshire 

8, Chapel Street, 1896- 1909 (8 Chapel St) 1912-1914 (extended to 7&8) 1916 back to (8)

Rugby, Lennards Corner, Regent Street/Church Street 1920 &  1929-Listed in 1931 confirmed 1947 & 1957(newspapers)

Man fined for smashing window in the Lennards Shoes branch at Rugby 27 July 1977

Runcorn, Cheshire 1905

Runcorn, 42 Church Street, 1914

46 Church Street confirmed 1934 Kellys

47 Church Street listed in 1931

Salford, Lancashire, See Manchester

Salisbury, Wiltshire 

88 Fisherton Street, 1897-8-1929

Salisbury, 16 Catherine Street, 1903-1929 Listed in 1931 

Salisbury,16  Catherine Street, 1903 -1915-1937 Trowbridge Museum and Library  

Salisbury, 1945

Scilly Isles Added from 1931 list

The Parade St.Mary’s Street listed in 1931

Shirehampton, Gloucestershire Not listed in 1931

High Street, 1929

Shoreditch, Middlesex Not Listed in 1931

125 Shoreditch High Street, 1915


44 Pride Hill, 1891

Shrewsbury, 15 Castle Street, 1922, 1929, 1934  Listed in 1931 confirmed 1939 Shrewsbury Archives

Sidmouth Devon

9 Union Street, 1897

Sidmouth 3 High Street, 1929 Listed in 1931  & 1940

Southampton, Hampshire

Southampton Lennards Ltd continuous trading until 1973 at least

Bridge Street Mutual Boot Stores Hampshire Advertiser 13-11-1895 (Lennard Bros. Trading company)

137-138 St Mary’s Street (east side, cnr James Street), 1898-1903

Southampton  138 St.Mary’s Street 1903-1915 

Southampton, 4 Bridge Street, 1898-1903  (4 & 5 bridge Street 1903-1915)

Southampton, 11-13 Bernard Street, 1929 Listed in 1931 & 1935

Southampton, 114a East Street, 1929

Southend-on-Sea ESSEX Not listed in 1931


97 Eastbank Street, 1909-1924

Houghton Street Listed in 1931 

58 Dover Road Southport 1945


Southsea Mutual Boot Stores Portsmouth Evening News 01 January 1895 ad for staff at 108 Somers Road (A Lennard Bros Trading company)

108 Somers Road (west side nr Bailey Road), 1896-1917 Portsmouth Library Kellys

Southsea, 33 Kings Road, 1901-1917                                                                        

Southsea, 57 King’s Road (& Hyde Street), 1918-Listed in 1931 confirmed in 1948


21 Bridge Street, 1910-1929 listed in 1931 & 1939

Spalding 1 & 2 Hall Place, Market Place, opened 2nd May 1925 still there in 1930 Kellys


15, Castle Street    Coventry telegraph 27 March 1958 


Stamford: 18 high street 1911-1925 listed in 1931 & newspapers 1935

12 St John Street 1909, 1913

St. Albans Not listed in 1931

Herts Advertiser and Times opens a shop in ST. Albans 29th October to 5th November 1898 between General Post office and Peahen hotel

 1899 Kellys Public Benefit occupy Peahen buildings, part of the Peahen hotel for their boot and shoe warehouse. The Peahen Hotel was rebuilt in 1899 after a devastating fire destroyed the old building

1902 Peahen Buildings London Road, narrowed down to number 4 London Road 

September 1906 Advertisement for young lady apprentice Herts Advertiser

1907  address given as Peahen Buildings London Road Herts Advertiser May 

St Austell:

Fore Street Opened 1893 reported in Royal Cornwall Gazette 19th October 1893                         

St Austell, 32 Fore Street, 1897-1916                                                                                                        

St Austell, 15 Fore Street, 1916-Listed in 1931 confirmed 1935

St Blazey,

Station Road 1906-1919

St Blazey, 103 Station Road, 1929 Listed in 1931

St Ives,

Fore Street, 1896-1919

St.Ives Cornubian and Redruth Times 9th June 1910  reports sale of Fore Street shop & Premises

St Ives, High Street, 1929 Listed in 1931

St Leonards-on-Sea, 2 branches for a short time

24 Norman Road, 1914-1920

St Leonards-on-Sea, 21 London Road (E side), 1918 Hastings Central Library-Listed in 1931 confirmed 1938 kellys

Stowmarket, Suffolk

20 Ipswich Street, 1929 Listed in 1931 


2 High Street (Stephen Hilton, proprietor, 1885)        

Stratford-on-Avon, 39 Wood Street, 1929 Listed in 1931 & 1935

Stratford-on-Avon, 36 High Street, 1909-Listed in 1931 confirmed until 1953


High Street, 1885 -1891 (William Lennard, manager, 1885-1891)                  

Stroud 5-08-1885 permission to erect a sign board at Stroud Gloucester Citizen     

Stroud, 21 High Street, 1896 

50 High Street 1897                                                                                                            

Stroud Gloucester Citizen 4-09-1898 Vaccination case Stroud 3 Kendrick Street/ High street 1906-Listed in 1931 confirmed 1938 & 1945

Sunderland Added from 1931 list  Image in Gallery

Lennards Corner 85 High Street west Listed in 1931 confirmed Kellys 1934 & 1949. Burleigh Street ran between 85 high st.West and Prospect Row

Swansea, Glamorganshire 

5, 6 & 7 Victoria Arcade, 1899

Swansea, 16 Victoria Arcade, 1900-1901 

Swansea, 15 Castle Street, 1903-1938

Swansea, Lennards Corner, 1 King Edward’s Road, 1909 -Listed in 1931 confirmed 1938

Swansea, 35 St Helens Road, 1926, 1929 Listed in 1931


5 Regent Circus 1895                                                                                                                                         Swindon Advertiser & North Wilts. Chronicle 10th Oct. 1896 Manager tried for embezzlement of the Old Swindon branch                                             

Swindon Adv., & N. Wilts Chronicle 28th November 1896 death of the Sandwich man Old Swindon branch 5 Regent Circus 

Swindon Advertiser 29th December 1894 theft Bridge Street

Swindon Gloucester Citizen 13th April 1897 theft at New Swindon

Swindon Farringdon Ad. & Vale of the White Horse gazette 25/06/1898 theft

Farringdon Advertiser 9th May 1903 New branch Bridge Street 

Swindon, 23 Bridge Street,  Lennards Corner 1903- Listed in 1931, 1937-confirmed 1938 kellys 1941

Swindon, Fleet Street, 1896-1929

Old Swindon, Wood Street, 1896

22a Wood Street, 1898-1915 Swindon Wood Street 17th march 1906, Farringdon Advertiser 

Regent Street

Swindon, 8a Regent Street, 1896-1915

Swindon Gloucester Citizen 4th July 1898 Fire at the Regent Street branch

Swindon, 80 Regent Street, 1920-Listed in 1931 confirmed 1938

Taunton Somerset

Taunton Courier & Western Advertiser 11th sept 1895 Taunton council ordered P.B. to remove their sign on their 39 Fore Street shop

39 fore Street 1897 & 1914, 1919  Kellys(this was entered under Lennards Ltd)

Taunton, 38- Fore Street, 1902-1906 listed buildings 

Taunton Western gazette 21st July 1911 Taunton Sidney Davey a cycle agent who also kept a stall in the market place for the sale of cycle accessories noticed one of his oil lamps suspended from the stall ‘flared up’ and as he tried to lower the flame oil dripped on him and he was set alight. He ran off amongst the crowd and no one could catch him to douse the flames. He then ran shrieking into the Public benefit shop where the staff put out the fire. Taken to hospital by the police and Mr P. S. Woolley the manager the man was burnt severely in several places and spent a long time in hospital and is thought he will make a recovery.

Taunton Courier & Western Advertiser 15th Nov. 1911 Taunton shop fire

Taunton, East Street, Listed in 1931 confirmed 1938 & 1945 & 1949( a death reported at the branch)


2 West Street, 1914

Tavistock, 3 West Street, 1918-1929 Listed in 1931


Teignmouth 1 Wellington Street, 1911-Listed in 1931 confirmed 1938

Teignmouth, 8 Wellington Street, 1909-1929 Listed in 1931 & 1940 newspapers

Thornbury, Gloucestershire Not Listed in 1931

High Street, 1910-1914 Kelly’s


52 Fore Street, 1906-1914  Listed in 1931


66 High Street newspapers 1935


Glamorgan Free Press 17th Dec 1898 35 Pandy Row 

35 Pandy Square, De Winton Street, 1900-1929 Listed in 1931

Tonypandy reported in Sevenoaks Chronicle & Kentish Advertiser 11th November 1910 striking miners ransack businesses in the Market square smashing windows entering the shops and throwing everything into the Street. Pub Benefit was also attacked

Torquay, Devon

20 Union Street, C 1890-1897 then confirmed by Kellys -1913

Torquay 18-20 Union Street, Lennards Corner 1911-1980 also added from the 1931 listing

Torquay, 45 Union Street, 1929

Totnes, DEVON

Totnes Weekly Times 27th August 1898 Theft from shop.

Totnes 10 High Street, 1911-1929 Listed in 1931

Tredegar, Monmouth 

38 Castle Street, 1901-1929 listed in 1931

Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette 15th December 1898, 1899-1929 listed in 1931 at 30 Fore Street & 1942 & 1956


Cnr King Street & Boscawen Street, 1893-1897 

2 St.Nicholas Street 1940 newspapers

Truro Royal Cornwall Gazette 22nd August 1901 Tenders for the building of new premises on the corner of King Street and Boscawen Street IN 1893. The firm of Sutton Building yard Plymouth would build the new premises for £2,257 designed by Slivanus Trevall with the width of King Street increased to 36 feet

Truro 1900 West Briton and Cornwall advertiser 13 December 1900 gift of enamel tin –biscuits. Every Xmas the annual ‘give away took place at all Southern branches

Truro, 16 Boscawen Street, 1902-1919                                                                             

Truro, 2 St Nicholas Street, 1920-listed in 1931 confirmed 1938                                                        

Truro, 1945

Wadebridge, Cornwall Not Listed in 1931

Molesworth Square, 1905-1919

Wallsend -On-Tyne Added from 1931 List

45 High Street West 1911 Listed in 1931 confirmed Kellys 1934

Wellingborough Added from 1931 List

25 Silver street listed in 1931

45 High Street West 1934 & 1938


19 High Street, 1911-1929 listed in 1931& 1935 & 1945


36 Broad Street Established ?? but sold in Feb/March 1962 to Woolworths currently M.& Co. in 2018

Weston-super-Mare Somerset 

50 Regent Street, 1902-1909

Weston-super-Mare, 3 Meadow Street, 1903-1914

Weston-super-Mare, 47 Regent Street, 1910-1912

Weston-super-Mare, 2 Meadow  1909, 1914, 1919, 1929, listed in 1931 Lennards List

41 Regent Streets, 1913 1919, 1932 

Weston-super-Mare, 41-43-45 Regent Street Lennards Corner, 1929-listed in 1931 confirmed 1932 & 1938

West Stanley Added from 1931 list

5 Town Hall Buildings listed in 1931

Front Street 1934

Weymouth, Dorset 

Western Gazette 23rd December 1898 3 Bridge buildings, St Thomas Street Weymouth                 

Weymouth 32 St Mary Street, 1909-listed in 1931 confirmed 1938  

Whitley Bay Added from 1931 List

192 Whitley Road listed in 1931 confirmed Kelly’s 1934 & 1941

Widnes Added from 1931 List

Lennards Corner 69 Widnes Road listed in 1931

Wigan added from 1931 list

15-16 Standishgate listed in 1931

14-15 Mackinson Arcade listed in 1931 & 1935

28 Mackinson Arcade listed in 1931 & 1935


Advertisement for a strong boy as porter and sandwich board 1895 apply Lennards Ltd

Hampshire Chronicle 24th December 1898 99 High Street Winchester

Winchester, 99 High Street, 1900-1929 listed in 1931


142-143 Peasecod Street (west side), 1891-1950 (Lucy Tow, proprietor, 1891-1901; Listed in 1931

Winton, Dorset See Bournemouth

Worcester, Worcestershire

Worcester Chronicle 2nd September 1893 ad for staff P.B. The Cross, Foregate Worcester

Worcester The Foregate, (E side), 1896 Worcester Gloucestershire Echo 14th august 1899 The Cross &  28 the Shambles 

Worcester, The Cross, 1901- 1929 listed in 1931 Lennards Corner & 1949, 1958 Confirmed: Coventry telegraph 27 March 1958 

Worcester, 28 Shambles, 1900-1912, 1916 (next to the New Market Inn which in turn is next to the Meat and Vegetable Market)

Worthing,  Not listed in 1931

13 Montague Street, 1953-1975


Hull Daily Mail 8th October 1897 at the 7, High Street Yeovil branch  

Yeovil Western Gazette 27th January 1899 embezzlement By Fred’k James Reed Yeovil 7 High Street, 1902-listed in 1931 confirmed 1939 & 1945

Yeovil Western Gazette -death of Edwin Charles Jackson manager of the branch 10th October 1916