Southern Branches A-G

Southern Branches A-G Then and Now Scenes in Margin

A Lennards list of branches totalling 250 from 1931 has been incorporated onto the Southern A-Z of branches. Where Lennards ceased trading a note beside the entry ‘Not Listed in 1931′ has been added if no note exists the branch has been continuously trading for the company.Lennards also began trading extensively in what was once considered Northern Territories, competing against their old partners the Leeds based Public Benefit Boot Company. I have also entered ‘Listed in 1931′ against each branch mentioned on the list. This presents a good inventory of branches under the Lennard banner.

A major project has also been to not only establish ‘Then and now’ views of where and when the company traded but also to try and capture as many branches as possible particularly the early branches. In this way we can get some idea of the thinking behind the company strategy. By doing this there have been many surprises both on the Southern side-Lennards, and the Northern Side in the finding of ‘gems’. Using three main sources to populate the website are:  

My own photos, our own collection of postcard views, Google Inc. Street views and Geograph Uk.

Up to circa 1910 and in some cases beyond to 1919 the cross over from Public Benefit Boot company to Lennards Ltd had not been completely achieved regarding the Southern territory branches; originally trading under the common title of Public Benefit Boot Company.

Margin Images of ‘Then and Now ‘scenes click on images for enlarged view

Fig 1 Barnstaple. The High Street showing the first branch 20th century view. The branch is perfectly sited- opposite Cross Street and close to the corner of Barnstaple. Butcher Row where the large Pannier Market is situated.North Devon Atheaneum 2000

Fig 2:Barnstaple 25 & 24 high Street 2017 image of the current Joules branches numbers 25(right hand) & 24 also high Street and on the corner of Paternoster Row were once the Public Benefit Boot company branches. Cross Street is directly opposite number 25. To the left can be seen the impressive Guildhall on the corner of Butcher Row and the equally impressive Pannier Market is also sited down that Street. By kind permission of Joules PLC

Fig 3:Bridgwater Fore Street.A collection of Youngsters gather around the street lamp in this busy and atmospheric scene. The company held a branch on fore Street established by Lennards but trading as public Benefit until the split. Private Collection

Fig 4:Bridgwater. The company began in this Somerset town at the turn of the 20th C. 13a Fore Street which today 2017 is the EE shop on the left next to another telephone company ‘3’ on the corner of King Street and Clintons cards. It is a substantial building 3 storeys and here we have a view more than a century apart. 2016 Photo © Betty Longbottom (cc-by-sa:2.0)

Fig 5:  Buxton Spring Gardens ~Private Collection

Fig 6 Buxton Spring Gardens 2015 Photo © Colin Park (cc-by-sa/2.0) 

Fig7 Cheltenham high street. The branch is to be seen on the immediate right hand corner of the image. The assistant is standing by the door to drum up trade and to keep an eye on the boots hung outside on the pegs Private collection

Fig 8 Cheltenham high street Photo captures the same scene approximately a 100 years later with the large ‘Principles’ branch on the immediate right of our picture as the Public Benefit Boot company branch at 379 & 380 High Street. Photo © Ben Brooksbank (cc-by-sa:2.0)1994

Fig 9 Chichester. The Lennards branch is to be seen at the back of the Cross in this 1930’s view. The branch in Chichester began in East street under the trading name of Public Benefit Boot Company which in the Southern Half changed to Lennards Ltd after 1911-1913. Private collection

Fig 10 Chichester. The Lennards branch is to be seen at the back of the Cross in this 1930’s view. The branch in Chichester began in East street under the trading name of Public Benefit Boot Company which in the Southern Half changed to Lennards Ltd after 1911-1913. Private collection

Fig 11 Frome: The Public Benefit Boot Company sign looms large on the left hand side they had to be minimum height and could not protrude beyond a defined limit in order not to frighten horses. Private collection

Fig 12 Frome Market Place Number 22 Shoe Zone was the branch occupied by Public Benefit from the new century c1900 up until the 1930’s at least. Not sure though if the building is a new one as it looks slightly out of character with the other buildings close by 2016 Shoe Zone Photo © Derek Harper (cc-by-sa:2.0)

Aberavon, Glamorgan 1905 NOT LISTED IN 1931

Aberdare, Glamorgan 

7 Commercial Street, 1899-1903 Bennetts

Aberdare, 16 Canon Street, 1906-1940 (The remaining branch according to Lennards List 1931)

Aberdare, Union Street, 1918

Abergavenny, Monmouth Not listed in 1931

Abergavenny Public Benefit Bot Company declared they had traded for the past four years 1888-9 Approximately with G.& W.Morton under a franchise arrangement

Abergavenny Grand opening for 31st October 1893  in Abergavenny Chronicle of  branch in the town under the proprietorship of Charles B.Roe) this was a franchise arrangement

Market Street, 1895 (C B Roe & Co, proprietors, 1895)I am of the opinion that Frogmore Street may have held a market and may have been known locally as Market place? Certainly Frogmore Street was and still is a major trading thoroughfare. 

1st may 1896 Abergavenny Chronicle reported a fire breaking out at the branch at 11-15 p.m. on the Saturday night after Mrs Roe had locked up the shop for the evening. Her husband was at the Abertillery branch. 3 men contained the fire and the fire brigade put the fire out before it spread to four nearby old houses.

4th december 1896 Charles Rowe 0f 4 Frogmore Street is advertising for a strong youth and in Abergavenny Chronicle of 10th February 1897 a young woman was caught pinching boots from 10a Frogmore Street Public Benefit Boot company.

1901 the premises are occupied by Straker and company Boot warehouse and in 1906 by Stead and Simpsons

Abertillery, Monmouth Not listed in 1931

Cwm Street, 1895-1896 (C B Roe & Co, proprietors, 1895)

Acton, Middlesex, Not listed in 1931

168 High Street, 1914-1919

Aldershot, & Brockenhurst Hampshire

7 Grosvenor Road, 1901-1931 removed to number 11 Winchester Library

11 Grosvenor Road, 1931-1935

Altrincham listed in 1931

21 Stamford New Road listed in 1931

35 Stamford New Road 1933 Kellys

Ashford, Kent

52 High Street, 1911-1938 Ashford Library

Ashington North eastern colliery town Added from 1931 list

52 Station Road 1931 & 1938 Kellys Northumberland

Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire 

203 Stamford Street, 1900-1928

Ashton under Lyne, 157 Stamford Street, 1929 this branch only in 1931

Avonmouth, Gloucestershire See Bristol


Advertisement October 1939 Bucks Herald  staff for new shop opening 29th November  1939 at 29, High Street.


Banbury Beacon 10th October 1891 ad for staff at 3, Broad street Banbury

Banbury 7 Parsons Street, 1895-1920 Banbury Beacon 18th May 1895

Banbury Guardian 7th Jan 1897 ad for staff at 7 Parson’s Street

Banbury,  Lennards Cnr, Market Place, 1929 this branch listed only in 1931 & 1947 & 1955


North Devon Journal 30th April 1896 theft of boots from Barnstaple branch

Barnstaple 23-25 High Street, 1897-1941 (24 & 23 occupy each corner of Paternoster Row all are listed buildings)

Barnstaple advertised in North Devon Journal 15th December 1898 at no;25 opposite Cross Street a listed building.

Barnstaple: Exeter & Plymouth Gazette Barnstaple 23-08-1898 Break in

Barnstaple North Devon Journal 19th October 1916 Contravention of Lights order at Barnstaple shop. Laura Patterson acknowledged a charge in respect of being in charge whilst the manager was on holiday on the evening of 7th October. A brilliant light was being shone on the pavement

Only number 25 is trading in 1931 & 1948 & 

Basingstoke, Hampshire 

9 Wote Street, 1920-1938

Bath, Somerset 

19 Stall Street  traded under Original Public Benefit Boot co. 1892-1914 & by 1915 under Lennards Ltd Bath reference library . Was also advertised in 1909 Prospectus as a Lennards Branch

19 Stall Street application for a new lease and rebuilding permission to a corner plot Bath Chronicle 6th July 1912

19 Stall Street 1894 & 1897 Kellys Somerset

19 Stall Street 1920-1973 Bath Library

Stall Street, 1971-1977 & 18 Stall Street, 1980


1907 at 6, Harpur Street Bedford : 23rd August 1907 Bedford Mercury 

62 High Street, 1909-1976 Only this branch listed in 1931 & 1949

March 26th 1909 Bedford Mercury alterations to 62 High Street for the Public Benefit Boot company 

Bedford 25 Midland Road found 1941 &  1947 & 1954 confirmed Bedfordshire Times

Bedminster  See Bristol

Belper added from 1931 list

70 King street 1932  & 1941 Kellys


Bideford North Devon Gazette 19th Feb. 1895 obstruction to the pavement with four crates of boots Sydney Burrell of the High-Street Bideford branch pleaded guilty 

Bideford, Devon 79 High Street, 1897-1929 on the corner of New Street

Bideford Weekly Gazette 5th March 1907 reports this branch was sold for £1,450

Bideford Weekly Gazette February 2nd 1909 reports on the New Street Corner Branch which is 79 High Street 

Bideford  Lennards Corner 79 High Street, 1938


60 Corporation Street 1940 & 1942

Bishopton, See Bristol

Blackpool, Not listed in 1931

1-3 Bank Hey Street, 1909

Blackpool, 12 Lytham Street, 1909-1911

Blaydon On Tyne Added from 1931 list

37 Church Street Lennards list in 1931 and Kellys 1934 & 1938

Ad for manager of Lennards Shoe Store Blaydon 26th May 1978

Blyth Added from 1931 list

32a turner street

Bodmin, Not listed in 1931

34 Fore Street, 1902                             

Bodmin, Honey Street, 1906-1916 Kellys

Bolton Added from 1931 list

Advertised as a new Lennards branch in the Bolton Evening news June 1908 & confirmed in the 1909 Prospectus. 12-14 Bradshawgate known as  Whewell Buildings was occupied by the Public Benefit Boot company but owned by lennards. Probably one of the twenty branches purchased by T. J. Lennard in order to gain control of the 1904 amalgamation of the two P.B. Companies A wonderful red terracotta, construction, Whewell buildings it was here in premises at the beginning of the buildings distinguished by a half circular window on the 2nd Floor, ‘Bamboogey’ next to the Miller Metcalfe premises with a blue facia board. The company opened in Bradshawgate at 47 in 1896 as Public Benefit Boot further down the same thoroughfare. All operations were transferred to the new branch in 1908,  by T.J.Lennard self appointed chairman and M.D. overseeing a smooth transition to one giant company. It remained A Lennards branch when eventually the merger failed

Bournemouth, includes Winton

83 Old Christchurch Road, 1898-1918

Bournemouth Old Christchurch Road a report in Western Gazette 7th November 1902 theft of boots manager mentioned  

Bournemouth, Old Christchurch Road, 1929 Listed in 1931


89 Wimborne Road, 1894-1899 88  1901-1913

Winton, 141 Wimborne Road, 1913-1929 & listed in 1931

Bridgend, Glamorgan 1904 Not listed in 1931

Bridgend listed in 1942


13a Fore Street, 1901- 1910,  

13 Fore Street in 1909, 1914,  1938 Kellys & 1973/4 Commercial directories Bridgwater Library  1931 Lennards Ltd list

Bridgwater, 37 Eastover, 1902


47 West Street, 1911-1918 Chichester  Library

Brighton, 19 Western Road, 1929 only this branch listed in 1931

Brislington, See Bristol

BRISTOL Lennards continue to trade in Bristol until at least 1973

Lennards Ltd Headquarters Bristol  Queens Road/Park Place (The Triangle) opened 1899 and destroyed by incendiaries in May 1940/41

New single storey premises erected on the site circa 1948 and first listed in 1948 Bristol Daily Press 9th July 1948

Bristol, see also Avonmouth, Bedminster, Bishopton, Brislington, Clifton, Kingswood, Keynsham and Totterdown


Western D. Press Pub Benefit Bristol 7 High Street 15th October 1880 under the name of Franklin

Western daily Press 31st August 1880 Bristol. Pub Ben. Company ad applying for staff to work in the factory in ST. James’s Square

Bristol, 38 High Street & Market, 1880 Bristol local studies

Bristol 1883 Henry Lennard managing 38 High Street registers the Public Benefit Boot trademark.

Western Daily Press 06-08-1883 38 high Street Bristol, personal announcement by Henry Lennard

Western Daily Press 8- 11th November 1884 announcement Bristol Lennard Bros. Action taken to disassociate themselves from The Bristol Benefit Boot company

Bristol Mercury 5th February 1890 huge fire threatens buildings including Pub Ben result in a complete rebuilding of the High-Street Branch much improved BRISTOL Mercury 20th December 1895 ‘write up’ on the foundation of the company in Bristol and mentions the many branches currently existing. 37-38 High Street next to the Market gate on the High Street; rebuilt and enlarged after the great fire!

Bristol Western Press 17th April 1895 advert for Gripwell cycling shoe at 37-38 High Street Bristol

Bristol 1895 Theft William Joseph Bristol Mercury 3-4-04-1895

Bristol Mercury 21-03-1898 rather go to prison.

Bristol Mercury John Austin 23rd April 1898

37-38 High street 1919 kellys Somerset & 1935 (newspapers)



69 East Street Western Daily Press 25th November 1891 ad for staff

Bedminster 69 East Street, 1895-1929 still listed in 1931 & 1940


Express Repairs: 30 Stokes Croft, Bishopton opened 16th September 1911. listed in 1931 & 1938

39 Gloucester Road, 1893-1929 Bristol district still listed in 1931 & 1946 (possibly in Brislington)

61 Sandy Park Road, 1914-1929 Bristol district still listed in 1931& 1940


24 Bath Street, (repairing branch, Cnr Tucker Street), 1891-1902 not listed in 1931


21 Queen’s Road, Clifton, 1900 & 1902 

Clifton, 21 Queens Road, 1900-1911

Bristol, Clifton, 96 Queen’s Road, 1901, 1914 only branch listed in 1931 & 1935

Bristol, 55A Queens Road, 1954-1958

102-3 Temple Street Warehouse 1900

Keynsham listed in 1931

 37-38 High Street 1894-1929 Bristol District listed in 1931 & 1935

Keynsham, 46A High Street, 1977-1980

Kingswood, Bristol,  

46-48 Regent Street, 1896, 1901-1938 Kellys & listed in 1931 & 1940

Kingswood, Bristol, GLS, High Street, 1896

Kingswood, Bristol, GLS, 8, Seymour Terrace, 1900-1911


Bristol, 118 Whiteladies Road, 1901 & 1909

Bristol, 108 Whiteladies Road, 1914-1929 Listed in 1931, 1935 as Lennards Corner & trading in 1940 

Shops off the High Street

Bristol, 26 Clare Street, 1914 & 1917 Western Daily Press

Bristol, 14 Wine Street, 1929 listed in 1931

All other addresses

Avonmouth Shirehampton Road, 1909, 1914

267, Avonmouth Road, 1929 listed in 1931 & 1940

790 Fishponds found in 1940

Shirehampton 31 High Street listed in 1931 & 1940

Bristol, 124 Lawrence Hill, 1895-1929 Listed in 1931 & 1940

Bristol, 48 Stapleton Road, 189o-1929 listed in 1931 1935 & 1948 (Mail order warehouse)

Bristol, 212b Hotwell Road, 1911-1929 listed in 1931

Bristol, Soundwell Road, 1954-1977

Bristol, Penn Street, Broadmead, 1974-1980

Totterdown, Bristol, GLS,

High Street, 1895

Totterdown, Bristol, GLS, 110 Wells Road, 1896-1911 

Totterdown, Bristol, GLS, 79 Wells Road, 1914-1929 listed in 1931

261 Church Road Redfield listed in 1931 & 1940

Westbury on Trim office 63 Victoria Street

Briton Ferry Glamorgan 

41 Neath Road, 1891-1901


9 Fore Street, 1902-1938   listed in 1931 as Lennards Corner                                                                 

Brixham, 3 & 4 Fore Street, 1909, 1920-1925

Broadstairs Kent

A branch is listed under Public benefit Boot co. in 1905 but no other entry appeared beyond that date. Probably a franchise that folded?


1909, Corner North Road Not listed in  1931 See Aldershot 

Bromley, See London

Bromsgrove, Not listed in 1931

95 High Street, 1911-1912 & 1916


26 Bella Vue, 1935


10 Regent Street, 1914

Burnham-on-Sea, 31 High Street, 1919-1929 listed in 1931 & 1935

Bury St Edmunds,

30 Cornhill, 1908-1929 listed in 1931 & 1937 & 1950 

21 Cornhill 1955 (Newspapers)

Buxton added from 1931 list

6, Terrace Road 1909

5 Spring Gardens 1929

34 Spring Gardens, 1932-1970

Calne, Not listed in 1931

4 Church Street, 1915 Trowbridge Museum

Caerphilly, Glamorgan 

Cardiff Road & Central Street, 1929 Listed in 1931 as Lennards Corner


Western Daily Press 6th August 1898 Camborne Cheapjack. Manager complains of ‘Cheapjack’ auctioneer blocking Camborne shop premises

Camborne Market Place 1902-1919 (Mkt Place became Mkt Square) 

Camborne Market Square 1920-1938 Listed in 1931 & 1949

Camberwell See London


Independent Press 8-25-03-1882 Fred James prosecuted by manager Thomas Wright for stealing from Public Benefit Boot Company (likely a Henry Lennard branch)

Cambridge, 2 Rose Crescent, 1929 listed in 1931


43 High Street, 1923-1933


Queen Street

90 Queen Street South Wales Daily News 21st September 1898 Advertisements one for a smart youth as an assistant. The other for boys to sell Public Benefit Wax Vestas 90 Queen Street and 79 St. Mary’s Street

90 Queen Street, 1900-1929 Listed in 1931 & 1935

St. Mary Street

Cardiff 79 St. Mary’s Street South Wales Daily News 21st September 1898

Cardiff 79 St Mary Street, 1899-1920

Cardiff, 48 St Mary Street, 1926, 1929 listed in 1931 & 1935

Other addresses

Roath, Glamorgan 

Roath 176 City Road, 1901, 1906, 1909-1926 & 1929 Listed in 1931 & 1935

Cardiff, 33 Whitchurch Road, 1914-1929 listed in 1931

Carlisle Cumbria

63 English Street 1961 -1968

Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire

3 Hall Street, 1909, 1911-1929 listed in 1931

Chard in Somerset: Source is the Chard & Ilminster News 

Public Benefit Boot & Shoe warehouse High Street & Holyrood Street opened and advertised in the Chard & Ilminster News 9th August 1879. Proprietor E.Willcox 

May 1880  the company are advertising as trading in High Street with no mention of Holyrood Street also in 1880 and into 1881 they have a new proprietor W.J.Bivens & Company

April 1882 Public Benefit are operating independently in High Street

March 1888 the company announce a huge sale from their Fore Street Shop next door to the George Hotel. A company called Alfred Fry are overseeing the auction.

1894 and Public Benefit are still trading in Fore Street. 

1910-1919 Lennards are advertising in the Chard and Ilminster merely placing their trade mark but by then the company had closed its’ doors to  Chard. 


164-166 High Street, 1918-1929 listed in 1931 & 1934 Maidstone Library

Chelmsford, Essex

87 High Street, 1901-1973 listed in 1931 & 1940

Chelmsford Essex Newsman 11th February 1905 reports failure on an electric cable which was electrifying the pavement. It had the effect of making dogs jump and one dog jumped so high he knocked over a stack of shoes in the shop in the High Street and corner of Springhead Road.  

Chelmsford, 37 High Street, 1909, 1912-1927

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

380 High Street, 1880-1883 Franchise arrangement with J.J.Smith boot & Shoemaker.Smith then removed to 379 High street

85 Winchcomb Street Public Benefit Boot & Shoe Supply Stores proprietors Pitcher & Son Boot manufacturers Cheltenham Mercury 15th October 1881. 

Cheltenham, 379 High Street,  1897-1917 (As Public Benefit-Lennards Ltd)

Cheltenham: Gloucester Citizen 29th August Cheltenham 1898 burial of G.F. Lodge shop manager suicide Albert Brown district manager present at the inquest. William Oran employee gave evidence

Cheltenham 1893 Bath Chronicle 12 Jan 1893 Stealing in

Cheltenham, 368 High Street, 1920-1938 listed in 1931 1945 & 1949 (newspapers)

Cheltenham 192 High Street 1958

Chester Le Street Added from Lennards List

62 Front Street listed in 1931 & 1934 & 1938 Kelly’s


65 East Street 1904,  Chichester Observer June & November 1904, 1905,up to 1914  Chichester Library

1 East Street, 1915-1918 

Chichester, The Cross, 1929- listed in 1931 & 1945 & 1957 Lennards Corner

Chichester, North Street, 1960


30 The Bridge, 1911-1938 listed in 1931

Chippenham, 57 Market Place, 1937-1939 & 1953

Chiswick see London

Cinderford, Not listed in 1931

High Street, 1901-1929


161 Cricklade Street, 1891-1929 listed in 1931

Clapham Junction See London  

Cleethorpes Added from 1931 list

13 Grimsby Road, New Clee listed in 1931


49 Hill Road, 1902-1929 listed in 1931 & 1935


4 Long Wyre Street, 1904-1914& 1917 Kellys

Colchester report in Evening Star 22nd January 1906 theft of boots by a soldier. Manager mentioned

Colchester, 7 Long Wyre Street, 1912-1929 listed in 1931


Market Place, 1929 listed in 1931


Cork, Not listed in 1931 

83 North Main Street, 1907-1915

192 High Street Coventry 1958

Crewkerne, Not listed in 1931

Church Street, 1906-1910, 1916 Kelly’s 

Croydon see London


4 Queen Street, 1909, 1914

Dawlish, The Strand, 1919-1929

Premont Place listed in 1931


Devizes, 6 Little Brittox, 1909, 1911-1916 Corner of Wine Street and Little Brittox

Devizes, Lennards Corner, The Brittox, 1929 listed in 1931


12 Tavistock Street, 1896-1900, 1909

Devonport, 22-24 Tavistock Street, 1920

Devonport, 23-24 Tavistock Street, 1929-1939 Listed in 1931 & 1935


8 & 9/9a Cornhill  evidence found for a branch in 1905 they had a large presence and the scene is still the same today. I would suggest the company arrived around the turn of the century.

2 South Street, 1906

Dorchester, 2a 1909, South Street, 1916

Dorchester, 5 South Street, 1917, 1920-1938 listed in 1931

Dublin, Not listed in 1931

37 Capel Street, was open 1st Sept 1897

15 North Earl Street was also open on that date.Dublin

It later removed to number 18 North earl Street

18 North Earl Street, 1914

Actual dates for both branches is unknown and this is the nearest dates we have to establishing foundation in Dublin according to the Dublin Times

43 Camden Street 1894 Lower 46 Henry Street 1894 national directories These could have been repair facilities

7, South Great George’s Street  opened Dec 1901

A recent photograph proves that a young woman standing outside the shop in Capel Street,  married in 1907 meant that up to the first child arriving she worked there from circa 1897- circa 1908. Why I say this is because on new store openings the company would send a photographer to record the opening of the branch and staff would stand outside. Catherine is in fact a young woman of 17 there. The Facia also is advertising Public Benefit Boot company the title when it wasn’t a limited company. Later on the word Ltd was added 


1 Cannon Street, 1914, Dover Express 11th December 1914

1915, 1920-1938 Listed in 1931 and into the 1940’s Lennards Corner Dover Library


Brierley Hill 30th November 1889 High Street Dudley Mercury

216 High Street, 1892

31 Market Place 1916


Greenlee Lennards Ltd ad for a manageress in Inverness. 57 Overgate Dundee DD1 1QQ 1978

Easington Colliery added from 1931 list 

Seaside Lane listed in 1931

East Stonehouse, See plymouth


56 Terminus Road, 1915-1918 Listed building erected 1898 Chichester Library 

Eastbourne, 54 Seaside Road, 1929 listed in 1931


58 Market Street (Lennards Ltd, unknown date)

Eastleigh, 15 Market Street, 1915

Eastleigh, 13 Market Street, 1915 – 1929 listed in 1931

Eastleigh, 11 & 13 Bernard Street & 1A High Street, 1930-1935

Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire 

6 Market Street, 1901-1929 listed in 1931

Evesham not listed in 1931

52 High Street, Boot Warehouse 1909-1916 Evesham Library almanacs


High street

Exeter Flyer Obstruction 23-02-1897 manager prosecuted Robert Vane Manager

Exeter, Lennards Buildings, 211-212 High Street, 1897-1919

Exeter Flying Post 24th December 1898 branch at 211 High Street Exeter

Exeter & Plymouth Gazette 9th august 1899 Interesting account of how P.B. proposed to demolish All hallows church built pre conquest days and  numbers 211-212 High Street Exeter. the aim, to widen Goldsmith Street and form a quadranted corner on the High street/Goldsmith Street then place artistic shop fronts on the building. AllHallows church was pulled down to accommodate this. By 1906 the deed had been accomplished and 211-212 dating from c.1650 had been rebuilt into a larger four storey premises, using stone and timber to the frontage in an attempt to be in keeping with the area.  Public Benefit began trading at 212 High street and H.Samuel the Jewellers occupying 211 in 1907. Later 212 was demolished and another rather plain insipid building ‘put up’ as seen in the photo along with many other buildings to allow Marks and Spencer’s to erect a large store in the Goldsmith/high street area. The blitz of 1942 destroyed about 50% of historic and ancient buildings on the `High Street’ Development from the new century right up to modern times have aided in destroying many more. Even 206 and 207 just past the ancient guildhall and on the corner of Goldsmith street were demolished around 1979 and the current replicas erected.

Sidwell Street

Exeter, 170 Sidwell Street, 1909-1916

Goldsmith Street

Exeter, 23-25 Goldsmith Street, 1910-1916

Exeter, 4-5 Goldsmith Street, 1920

Exeter, Lennards Corner, High & Goldsmith Streets, 1929 listed in 1931 & 1935

Exeter, 211-212 Goldsmith Street, 1938 & 1940

Exeter, 1945


Exmouth, Lennards Corner, Chapel Street and 36 The Parade 1909, 1929-1938 listed in 1931 & 1948.1950-1973 exmouth Library 

Falmouth, Images in Gallery

Falmouth New Branch 4 Market Street the Strand Cornish Telegraph 15th December 1898

Falmouth, 51 Market Street, 1900-1929 listed in 1931 & 1935 (East Side)

Falmouth, 43 Market Street, (E side) 1906, 1909  Kellys 

Falmouth 43 Market Street reported in :Lakes Falmouth Packet & Cornwall Advertiser 30th December 1910 theft of fur necklet manager mentioned

Felixstowe, Images in Gallery

22-24 Orwell Road corner of Hamilton Road paying £120 Per annum to lease. East Anglian Times 19th July 1905. Opposite is the Trinity Methodist Church

12 Hamilton Road, 1909

Felixstowe, , 12 Victoria Parade, 1908-1929, listed in 1931

Ferndale, Glamorgan

Glamorgan Free Press 17th Dec 1898 40 High Street The, Strand.

 40 High Street, The Strand 1900-1929 listed in 1931


4 Cheriton Road, 1911-1929

Lennards Corner 10 rendezvous Street listed in 1930(Newspaper ads) 1931


5 South Street, 1929 listed in 1931


Frome. 22 Market Place Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette 15th December 1898

Frome, 22 Market Place, 1897, 1902-1929 listed in 1931

Gateshead added from 1931 list See Newcastle


59 High Street, 1929 Demolished and new building ‘put up’ listed in 1931


20 High Street, 1914-1929 listed in 1931


High-Street, Gloucester Citizen 5th August 1885 application to affix a sign 9 feet above the shop


30 Barton Street Gloucester 1897

Gloucester Citizen 42 Eastgate Street 13th  December 1898 

Gloucester45 Eastgate, 1895-1914 Kellys

Gloucester, 5 Eastgate Street, 1909, 1920-1929 & up to 1949 & listed in 1931

Great Malvern, See Malvern

Great Torrington, not listed in 1931

South Street, 1910-1914

Great Grimsby added from 1931 list

Lennards Corner 74 Freeman street

Great Yarmouth 

43 Market street 1914 Kellys

1934 Church Lane 


6 Market Street, 1900 (Surrey History Centre) shared the branch with a confectioner but is also listed in 1911-1929, 1930 &  listed in 1931 & 1939 & 1944 (Newspapers) 

10-12 Market Street 1961 Surrey history centre

repairs shop at Onslow Street 1961 Surrey history centre


High Street, 1929 listed in 1931