Northern Branches H-O

Northern Branches H-O Then and Now scenes

A major project has been to not only establish ‘Then and now’ views of where and when the company traded but also to try and capture as many branches as possible particularly the early branches. In this way we can get some idea of the thinking behind the company strategy. By doing this there have been many surprises both on the Southern side-Lennards, and the Northern Side in the finding of ‘gems’. Using three main sources to populate the website are:     My own photos & our own collection of postcard views, Google Inc. Street views and Geograph Uk.

Margin Images ‘Then and Now’ Scenes click on image for enlarged view

Fig 1 93-94 Prospect Street first branches of the Public Benefit Boot company google inc 2017

Fig 2:  Old photograph of the first branch  Hull 93 Prospect Street 1887 private collection

Fig 3: Leeds date is 1925 and the parade is in honour of the Queen as they march past the Public Benefit Shop. Rick Dickinson collection

Fig.4 Leeds Newmarket Street & Vicar Lane corner Lion House 2015 Photo © Betty Longbottom (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Fig 5 Lincoln Opened 17th July 1914 this branch was sited at 203 High Street on the corner of St. Benedict square and was one of two branches the company held at one point. Private collection

Fig 6 Lincoln 203 High Street the Saxone Branch on the corner of St. Benedict square was from circa 1913 to 1970 the second branch and ultimately the only branch on the High street 1992 Photo © Ben Brooksbank (cc-by-sa:2.0)

Fig.7 Llandudno 45 Mostyn Street is currently a branch of ‘Illy’s’ the coffee chain.can be seen on the frontage of Alexandra Hotel on the corner of Clonmel and Mostyn Streets, the red Illy’s signage is clearly seen, along with the tourists enjoying a coffee. Occupation by P.B. was from circa 1903 to the 1940’s and possibly beyond. 2016 Google inc

Fig 8.Llandudno : One of the successful Welsh branches in this popular seaside town and spa. Private collection

Fig.9.One of the very early branches it remained in Loughborough albeit in another location for many years. The shop is on the left opposite the lady cyclist and the before the Pawnbroker sign Leicester Library and information services

Fig 10.Loughborough The Public Benefit Boot company traded at 6 and later added on 6a Churchgate, in this view it is the ‘Cottage Cheese’ on the immediate left. With a gap of over a century it shows little has changed and the branch, typically was next door to an arcade. 2012 Photo © Betty Longbottom (cc-by-sa:2.0)

Fig 11. Nottingham 13-25a Derby Road Commencing at 21-23 Derby Road in 1880 currently the Chinese Restaurant and Parfitt’s up to the very corner. Around the corner Parfitt’s is 25a.you can see identical comparisons with this part of the building and the depiction. By 1896 it is know the company occupied numbers 17-19 as well as 21-23. 17-19 is incorporated in the RBS building which is 13-19. Google inc 2016

Fig 12. Nottingham 29-23 Derby Road 19th C.This artists impression, one of many produced of Emporiums as they were erected and placed into newspapers. This was one of the early branches around 1880. Nottingham Library



Halifax, 10 Northgate, 1897-1905

Halifax, 31 Crown Street, 1903-1914 confirmed Y.E.P. Dec 1905


5 St James Buildings, 1909-1968   

Harrogate Beaulah Street Harrogate Y. Eve. Post 12th December 1949. 

Harrogate Herald 23rd April 1947 5, St James buildings, Harrogate

Harrogate, 6 Cambridge Street, 1912-1927 close to the Lowther Arcade

Harrogate, 1945

Hartlepool  West Hartlepool, Freehold shop + image

Still trading in 1973 as Benefit Footwear confirmed Newcastle Evening Chronicle. Beyond that (1979)it became a Saxone Store. HQ 69 Headway Lilley and Skinner.

23 Northgate Street, 1896-1958 (Hartlepool Northern Daily advertise for staff 22nd July 1931 applications to the Public Benefit Boot Co: Hartlepool.  This facility operated until 1961-62. According to the Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham & Middlesbrough Trades directory of 1958 & 1961-2.

Hartlepool Northern Daily 1st June 1899 announce premises at 23 Northgate Hartlepool at the tram terminus. This will have been a smaller branch establishment and also likely a repairing facility? 

78 Lynn Street, Corner of Musgrave Street opened 16th February 1894 under the free trade hall. Branch believed to have remained until at least 1956

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail 6th November 1895: The town council ordered the Town clerk to give notice to the Public Benefit Boot company to remove their signboard from their premises on the corner of Lynn & Musgrave Streets (possibly 113 Musgrave Street)

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail announce on 21st March 1899 the opening on 1st April 1899 a separate ‘LADIES PRIVATE SERVICE SALOON’ Girls and childrens shoes and boots were also to be sold in the private saloon. A bespoke and repair service was also offered advertised.

West Hartlepool, 113 Musgrave Street, 1897-1925. Believe this to be the same branch opened in 1894

Hartlepool Northern Daily 16th December 1926 advertising a shop to let 109 Musgrave Street

Musgrave Street now demolished and replaced by housing


Barnsley Road, 1st Qtr 1927-1936

Heysham (Morecambe) 

Dalton Road 1950’s

Hetton Downs,

5 Market Street, 1925-1934


Cattle Market (opp Fore Street), 1908-1938

Market Place (opp Queen Ann Inn), 1950’s

Hexham branch still trading under ‘Benefit Footwear’  1968


21 Castle Street, 1941-1960’s 

Hirst, See Ashington

Holyhead opened May 1924

Horden, (Stanley)

5 Front Street 1925-1938

Stanley, 18 Front Street, Elite Buildings, 1934-1938


89 Newbottle Street, 1925-1934 1924-1934 found in newspapers. Online directories inform that the company ceased trading from 1934.

Hucknall Torkard 9Ashfield district Nottinghamshire

Branch confirmed Nottingham Eve Post November 1914


15 Buxton Road, 1884 (Charles Burrow, proprietor, 1884)

Huddersfield, 6 Cross Church Street, east Side, 1912-1927

Huddersfield, 4 King Street, new branch opened 1st QTR 1926 (2nd shop in the town)

Huddersfield, 4 King Street, 1927 Occupying the shop next door to Burtons the Tailors. In 2019 Burtons has become Vision express and Public Benefit has become Buzz Mobile

Huddersfield, 15 Cross Church Street, 1936-1964

Refer to:  The first ten years 1875-1885′ for a more in depth account in ‘articles’ section.

HULL Emporium in Prospect Street was a freehold premises

Hull a bustling port the third port of England is chosen to spearhead what would become the Huge Public Benefit Boot Company. Begun in Prospect Street 1875 in the Brighton Arcade.

Mammoth upgrade Emporium

Hull opened 1885 Emporium Albion Street /Prospect Street. A highly successful Freehold Branch it traded until in May 1941 during the great blitz of Hull it was destroyed by enemy bombing.

THE HULL PUBLIC BENEFIT BOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTURING COMPANYS NEW ESTABLISHMENT. The public of Hull, whilst passing along Prospect. street during the last two or three months, will have been attracted by the erection of a building of somewhat palatial proportions opposite the Royal Infirmary. Now that the hoarding is removed there is revealed a structure which, from an architectural point of view alone, is an ornament to that part of the town, and is, we may say at once, intended as the new establishment for the Hull Public Benefit Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Company. It stands on the site, with an additional piece of spare ground, of Graham’s Temperance Hotel, and has an immense frontage, partly in Prospect-street and partly in Albion-street. It is a four-storied, red stock brick building, with gray stone facings elaborately carved, and granite base, the whole being sur- mounted by two conspicuous turrets neatly slated, and with railings tipped with gold, as also are the massive window frames, and other decorative parts of the exterior. Interiorly, the departments are not less spaciously or splendidly fitted up, indeed we have authority for stating that this establishment is one of the largest and most complete of its hind in England. The ground floor or trade department is divided, as it were, into three separate and distinct shops. First, that forming one corner of Albion-street, is the ladies’ department, fitted with carved oak panelings, screen, cushioned seats, &c., and with stained glass, representing birds and human figures. There is also a retiring room for ladies after transacting their business. Adjoining this is the gentlemen’s fitting room, and then we come to the shop for general purposes, which faces Prospect-street. It is 27 feet by 32 feet, and 14 feet in height. The fittings here are of polished pine, and specially-arranged brass gas mountings, run through the length and breadth of the building. Further on, again, is a ” reserve shop,” in which boots and shoes of every description are stored ready to hand in order to facilitate and expedite the wants of customers, and in the rear of this is the manager’s office. The spring blinds, too, are picturesque and unique, in as much as they work from below upwards. At then.-+ f +,h. hnvq ik n. lagera.’lrinp room. which is approached, as the rooms above, by a large doorway at the extreme end of the building, and marked in gold letters, ” Goods entrance.” Ascending a broad stairway we are shown the various stock-rooms, iS in number, one above another, and each containing in regular order men’s, women’s, and children’s boots, shoes, and slippers of every possible size and description. These rooms are each about 11ft. by 24ft. All the walls and ceilings, above and below, are of varnished deal wood, and the building throughout is supplied with full heating apparatus. It is perfectly bewildering to see the thousands of pairs of boots and shoes piled one above another, and yet with such order as to size and quality that the sales people can lay their hands upon the kind they want at a moment’s notice. The company have similar establishments in various parts of the country, notably at Derby, Nottingham, Leeds, and Sheffield, but this new establishment in Hull, which will be opened for public business to-morrow (Saturday), and will no doubt cause considerable attraction, is the finest and most commodious of them all. In a building which reflects so much credit on all concerned we should be remiss were we not to mention the respective firms to whom the various branches of the work had been entrusted. Mfr J. Wills, of Derby,,is the architect; Mr Drewry, of Beverley- road, the contractor ; Messrs Audas and Leggett, Paragon-street, the upholsterers, &c.; Blessers Stone, Settle, and Wilkinson, of Church-side, the gas fitters; and Mr Jordan, of Queen-street, the window blind furnishers.

In the new century the whole top floor was sub let to The Swanland Restaurant above the shop, it caught fire in 1912                                             

Other early Branches

Hull, 51 Saville Street, 1889

Prospect Street, extensions to the first branch quickly appear soon after 1875, a presence is established into the 1880’s at numbers 90-94 a parade of shops opposite the Hull Royal Infirmary now the Prospect Centre until the first upgrade replaces them in 1885


Hull, 152-154 Hessle Road, (Cnr Coltman Street), 1897-1925

27TH JUNE 1896 GRAND OPENING OF 33-35 HOLDERNESS ROAD BRANCH186-188 Hessle Road, 1886-1892. Wellsted Street Corner number 186  closed in 1892 and 188 closed in 1897 stock removed to new Branch. Repairs were carried out at the Hessle Road branches as the company employed a repairer during this period which points perhaps to one of the two shops on the corner of Wellsted Street being a repair shop?


Hull, 35-37 Holderness Road, HDM 27th June 1896-1937

Hull, Holderness Road, 4, East Parade 1886-1896 closed in 1896 stock moved across to new branch ,

EXTRAORDINARY EVENT. OPENING CELEBRATION. EAST HULL IMPROVEMENTS, LARGEST EMPORIUM IN THE DISTRICT. MOST CONSPICUOUS BUILDING ON HOLDERNESS-ROAD. PUBLIC BENEFIT BOOT COMPANY WERE FORCED HAVE A VERY LARGE CONCERN. Business had much Outgrown the Room of Shop. Spacious Premises in the Most Central Position were Purchased, Partly Re-built, Enlarged, and TranSformed into a GRAND FIRST-CLASS AND GENERAL MART, Arranged to Privately and Openly Serve Large Numbers at Once, and HOLD STOCKS ENOUGH TO SUPPLY ALL EAST HULL. OPENING DAY. SATURDAY, JUNE . DIRECTLY FACING THEIR 10 YEARS’ OLD SHOP. FRONTING PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, HOLDERNESS – ROAD. NEARLY OPPOSITE WILLIAMSON – STREET. THE MAIN THOROUGHFARE INTO HEDON – ROAD DISTRICT. Electric Light, Engine, Dynamo, Plant, &c.. the Most Perfect System. Greenwich Time Electrically Lighted Clock for Public Service. PUBLIC BENEFIT BOOT COMPANY have now put East Hull on a par with Central Hull, having large replete and complete emporium conducted the meth oF their British Foreign Boot Exchange, Prospect-street. Those who have rot done business with them because they could not be expeditiously served in the ” Old Limited Room Shop.” will be promptly and satisfactorily supplied. They feel sure of adding thousands of new customer who are asked to kindly speak to friends of what they may purchase. SPECIAL PROVISION FOR WINDOW INSPECTION. LARGE PRIVATE SPACE WITHOUT IMPEDING THE FOOTPATH. At all Times and Seasons the WINDOW EXHIBITS will be GRAND SHOWS of SUPERIOR VARIETIES. WINDOW EXHIBITS will GREAT SHOWS of EXTRA SPECIAL VALUE. OPEN SATURDAY NEXT, JUNE 27. BRANCHES AT HEBSLE-ROAD AND PORTER-STREET. HEAD-QUARTERS, PROSPECT-STREET,

1893 Public Benefit Boot Company repairs shop located past Railway waiting rooms on Anlaby road and heading down to the West park at Walton street.

Hull, 148 Porter Street, 1893-1905 (Henry Franklin, manager, 1904-1905)


123 Anlaby Road, (Cnr Great Thornton and Walker Streets) confirmed 1925 Kelly’s directory

Hull, Coltman Street, 1904-1912, (John William Franklin, manager, 1904-1905)

Hull, Jameson Street, (Cnr Chariot Street), 1904-1905

Hull, 18 Brook Street, 1906 The Leeds Mercury 5th August 1932 Ex-employee breaks into the Brook Street repair factory Bristow Lamley Giles was arrested as he kept a diary of his ‘jobs’

18 Brook Street Situated with Thornton varley on the corner number 2 and walking down the street heading towards Garden Street.

Opened in June 1924 at 739 Hessle Road Gipsyville still listed 1941 confirmed also in 1937 Kellys

Hull, 83 Newland Ave, 1912-1937 Kellys 

Hull Daily Mail 11th August 1938 report of a break in of the Hessle Road branch 

Hull, 332 Hessle Road, 1937 still trading 1942 sited between Dee Street and Division road and on the corner of Division Road

Hull, 483a Anlaby Rd, opened November 1926 still trading 1942

Hull, 23 King Edward Street, opened 11th October 1935 (illustration) found still trading 1941

Hull, 44 Whitefriargate, opened 7th February 1936 (illustration) found 1948

Hull, 17 King Edward Street, 1964-1967


53 Bath Street, 1884-1893 ‘Ilkeston Trader’ advert

Ilkeston, 109 Bath Street,   1891-1911 & 1928 confirmed Kellys

Ilkeston, 120 Bath Street, 1932-1941. A Library staff member remembers the branch trading in the 1950’s and is still listed in 1966 but may be suspect.


Forsyths Drummond Street Inverness Courier 31st May 1892


Still trading in 1973 as Benefit Footwear confirmed Newcastle Evening Chronicle. Beyond that (1979).it became a Saxone Store. HQ.69 Headway Lilley and Skinner.

73 Ormonde Street, Opened 19th July 1912  -1925

Jarrow, 67 Ormonde Street, 1932-1940 


2 Low Street, 1904, 1905 confirmed Y.E.P. dec 1905 

Keighley, 41-42 Low Street, 1912-1927

Keighley, 19 Low Street, 1936, 1938 confirmed Lancashire Eve Post May 1938


37 Stricklandgate, 1930 opened much earlier and still trading in 1934 confirmed as trading in 1938 from this address by kellys

Kirton Lindsey

 Y.P. 3 October 1930 theft with evidence required from P.B. staff. Boot inspector disallows the action saying he will deduct money from their wages if they attend court   Charles E. Gower manager

Knaith (Kirton Lyndsey) Market place 1925 Kelly’s directory same manager


Not listed prior to 1924 and is not listed in 1966. Limited directories can only reveal the partial picture

14-16 Market Place, 1934, confirmed Lancashire eve Post May 1938 (possibly a Wallace Branch)

Lancaster, 18 Market Place, 1957-1959 

Leamington Spa

10 Victoria terrace opened August 1924-1932


21st March 1946 officially changed name to Benefit Footwear

Still trading in 1973 as benefit Footwear confirmed Newcastle Evening ChronicleBeyond that (1979)it became a Saxone Store. HQ 69 Headway Lilley and Skinner.

Repairs & Factories

Leeds, 20 & 22 St Paul’s Street, 1904-1934 stopped manufacturing.  In 1940 St. Pauls’ Street, still the H Q

Yorkshire Post & Leeds Intelligencer 1948 on 6th May Ginger Laurence McManus in nine hours stitched 66 pairs of soles per hour at Templar Street repair factory and was praised in the newspaper (photo).

Leeds, Templar Street, Vicar Lane, (Benefit Central Repairs Factory, employed around 150 people), opened in 1923 , confirmed 1932-1966 (Harry Edgar Wright, manager, 1932-1960; Arthur R Hudson, manager, 1960-1961; manager, Harry Daubney 1964;

Leeds, 33 Queen Victoria Street, (Benefit Footwear Ltd repair facility), 1961-1988

Roundhay Road

Leeds Roundhay Road,  1891-1903

Leeds, 253 Roundhay Road, 1910-1912 & 1927 Kelly’s Hyde Park corner  The Parade

Head offices

Leeds, Lion House, New Market Street/Vicar Lane corner 1900 Yorkshire Evening Post 1912-1949 confirmed 1936 Kellys

Leeds, 39 Park Place, 1897-1904

Leeds, Darley House, West Street, 1948-1949

All other addresses

52 Boar Lane grand opening 16th December 1905 Y.E.P.

358 Kirkstall Road 1927 Kelly’s confirmed 1936 Kellys

Leeds 126 Vicar Lane confirmed 1936 kellys

Leeds, Lisbon Street, 1870

Leeds, 40 Lisbon Street, 1872-1886

Leeds, 5 Roscoe Road, 1872

Leeds, 27 New Market Street, 1894-1897 (Brow Dickinson, managing director, 1897)

Leeds, 28 Call Lane, 1894-1897

Leeds, 14 Call Lane, 1894-1898 confirmed by Kelly’s National directory of Great Britain 1896

Call lane Corner close to Boar lane and the Kirkgate Market March 1900 Y.E.P.

Leeds, 14 New Briggate, 1910

Leeds, 3 Headingley Lane, 1912 & confirmed 1927 kellys

Leeds, 54 North Lane Headingley (next to Thrift Grocers Store), 1927 & 1936 confirmed Kellys

Leeds, 67-69 The Headrow (Cnr Lands Lane), 1931-1949

69 Headrow confirmed 1936 kellys

Leeds, 2 The Headrow, 1949-1956

Meanwood, 8 Stonegate Road Meanwood confirmed 1927 Kelly’s  confirmed 1936 Kellys

69 Headingley 1936 Kellys

112a Wellington Road 1936 Kellys

Hunslet (leeds)

53 Waterloo Road 1927 Kelly’s confirmed 1936 Kellys


33 Bradshawgate, 1898

Leigh, 36 Bradshawgate, 1929


1934-1948 confirmed Lichfield Mercury July 1948


John O’ Gaunts Branch 

115a & 115b High Street, (Cnr Gaunt Street), 1903-1928. March 1932 local newspapers show an Adv.: to let a lock up shop at 115 High Street previously owned & used by Public Benefit Boot co.

High Street Branch

Lincoln, 203 High Street, (Cnr Benedict Square), 17th July 1914-1970

Lincolnshire Echo 22nd December 1921 also lists 203 High Street as being next to St. Benedict’s Church 

Public Benefit,  Dunns & Lennards Ltd fined for keeping their shops opened beyond 8 p.m. in Lincoln in 1932 

3rd December 1947 Ad for 203 High Street Lincoln 1948 & 1955. 

Liverpool, & district

Toxteth Park,

69 Granby Street, 1891

Liverpool 81 Byron Street, 1900 Lancaster Library

Liverpool, 126 Kensington Street, 1900 Lancaster Library

Bootle  441 Stanley Road, 1907 Kelly’s Lancashire

Birkenhead: 165 Grange Road 1894 Lancaster library

Birkenhead, 230 Grange Road, 1925-1934 Lancaster Library

Birkenhead, 258 Grange Road, 1946-1966 Lancaster Library

Sefton Park,

16 Lodge Lane, 1907 Kelly’s Lancashire

Liverpool, 120 Earle Road, 1905-1911 Lancaster Library 

Liverpool, 215-217 Park Road (W A Golby & Co, proprietors), 1907

Liverpool Great Crosby branch opened 1924 

Liverpool, 21 Brunswick Road, 1925-1934 (repairs) Lancaster Library confirmed by (Benefit Magazines)

Liverpool, 58 Bold Street,  a ladies store, opened 1950& confirmed 1955  Lancaster Library

Wavertree, Liverpool,

603 Smithdown Road, 1911-1935 Lancaster Library

Llandudno, Caerphilly,

45 Mostyn Street, 1905-1942

Loftus, North Yorkshire

Market Place, 1913

Loftus, 91 High Street, 1925 -1937 confirmed kellys


58 Hornsey High street 1938-9 Haringey Council this is an ex. Amies Wallace branch taken over by ‘Benefit as part of a batch of fifty. 40 remained open 10 closed.Situated on the fringes of ‘Crouch End’ close to Turnpike Lane Tube Station and the famous Crouch End Clock Tower

164 Trafalgar road SE10 Greenwich1942-1948 same source as above


64 Market Street, 1891-1892 kelly’s 


Biggin Street

Loughborough 6a Church Street, 1885-1931

6 & 6a Church Gate Kellys 1928

Loughborough, 30 Swan Street, 1911

Loughborough, 31-32 Swan Street, 1931-1962


86 Eastgate, 1919-1927 Louth Library

Louth new branch opened 84 Eastgate 1st QTR 1927 -1967


Park Square the Clock House electric lighting fitted 7th Aug 1894 Leighton Buzzard observer

Clock House, Park Square, 21 Park Street, 1896-1917 Mrs Susannah Taylor, manageress, 1911; S Taylor & Co, proprietors, 1914)

Luton, (near Empire Cinema), 1959


13a Saville Street, 1909-1937 confirmed Kellys

Malton, 17 Saville Street, 1909-1913

15 Saville Street occupied by Lennards ltd up to the 1960’s

Malton, 54 Market Place, circa 1911 this branch was also close to the livestock market.


listed in 1921 Nott Eve. Post

Market Weighton,

Market Place, 1892-1911 (Charles Whitaker of Leeds, proprietor, 1892;

Maryport opened summer 1925


165 Wath Road, 1896 Sheffield district

Mexborough, 159 Main Street, 1900-1901

Mexborough, 11 Main Street, 1911

Mexborough, 66 High Street, 1927-1936


44 Linthorpe Road, 6th October 1893 confirmed by newspaper also adding Electric light-and trading at least until 1932  East side next to Smiths’ buildings

Middlesborough Gazette advising they supply 5 million people with boots every year (1899)

44 Linthorpe and 91 Newports Roads 1908

Middlesbrough, 191 & 193 Newport Road, opened 16th October 1899 (cnr Jamieson Street), 1900-1947

Middlesbrough, 83 Linthorpe Road, 1932-1939


Goole Street, 2nd QTR 1927

Moorends, 147 Marshlands Road, 1936


St Anne’s opened May 1924

Morecambe 34 Euston Road listed in 1938 Lancashire evening Post also found in Morecambe Guardian in 1951

13th may 1939 Morecambe Guardian reports on a massive break in


9 Fountain Street, (warehouse), 1894-1904 Founded by William Henry Franklin.

Morley, 96 Queen Street, 1912-1922

Morley, 28 Queen Street, 1911-1936.

In 1912 number 28 Queen Street Y.E.Post 4th May 1912 was being sold off and the tenant was boot repairer Benjamin Caley. The shop and living quarters was purchased by Public Benefit Boot installing William Caley as the Manager and his father Benjamin worked as boot repairer along with Rowland Caley


3 Bridge Street, 1938 branch opened March 12th 1937 still trading November 1948: Morpeth Herald.

Still trading in 1973 as Benefit Footwear confirmed Newcastle Evening ChronicleBeyond that (1979) it became a Saxone Store. HQ 69 Headway Lilley and Skinner.


14 New Arcade, 1941 Barrett’s Directory Nelson

Nelson, 9 Leeds Road, 1941 Barrett’s Directory Nelson


37 Market Place, 1891-1892

Newark-on-Trent, 42-44 Market Place, 1896-1971

Newark 43 Market place confirmed by Kelly’s National directory of Great Britain 1896

Newcastle Upon Tyne,

By 1962 the company were down to 3 Branches trading up to 1968

Newcastle Byker District 131 Shields Road, Byker, 1904-1925 

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Byker district 82 Shields Road, 1921-1956 

84 Shields Road 1929 Kellys Northumberland the firm had extended 82 & 84 Shields Road was still trading in 1953 Kelly’s Newcastle

Newcastle Upon Tyne, 61 Clayton Street, 1910-1968 confirmed 1936 kellys* 

Newcastle Upon Tyne,  40 Northumberland Street, 1936 (Kellys) -1973

Still trading 40 Northumberland Street in 1973 as Benefit Footwear confirmed Newcastle Evening ChronicleBeyond that (1979) it became a Saxone store . HQ 69 Headway Lilley and Skinner.

Gosforth Newcastle

201 High Street, opened 1st QTR 1926-1968*

confirmed 1936 Kellys

Newton Le Willows see Earlestown


11-12 Market Place, 1894-1922 1901-1917)

Normanton, 38 High Street, 1922-1960

North Shields

4 & 5 Saville Street opened 3rd October 1919 as brand new shops coming to North Shields for the first time. As advertised in the Shields Daily News 1st October 1919, Sunderland Daily Echo 1st November 1919  but by November 1920 number 4 & 5 appear to have gone. Unfortunately I have been unable to find any other information relating to this branch?

Still trading in 1973 as Benefit Footwear confirmed Newcastle Evening ChronicleBeyond that (1979) it became a Saxone store . HQ 69 Headway Lilley and Skinner.

3. Saville Street Shields Daily News 11th February 1920 the company are advertising for a apprentice to work at number 3

3, Saville Street 1920 -1936 confirmed by Kellys in 1936 and by the Sunderland daily echo and shipping gazette for 20th November 1920 & 1940 confirmed by kellys North shields

Conducting research into this  building it turns out to be a large public House by the name of Sir Colin Campbell listed as number 3. Number one was another pub still trading , Mariners Arms and this is number 1. Number 2a is a hairdressers ‘Unwind’. Likely scenario looking at old post cards which tell the story of a Comedy Theatre situated on Saville Street, North Shields on a site which began life as the Oddfellows’ Hall in the 1890s. This early Public Hall was situated above a Public House and Boot Shop on Saville Street. The Public House was the Sir Colin Campbell and the boot shop is unknown. The frontages of both pubs were let to other businesses and in this case Public Benefit from 1920 took up trading from this pub but may have been there much earlier.

The Pub today has been converted to ‘The Prestige Furniture Company’ Number 4,& 5 is a company called ‘Desserts Direct’ and number 6 where the Palace of Varieties was sited erected in 1901 is a company called ‘Bentinck Furniture Clearance centre’


7A Abington Street opened in 17th September 1937 & still there in 1951 and in 1966 under Benefit Footwear Ltd

Northampton,  14 Abington Street, 1958-1973


see also Bulwell, Hucknall Torkard


Nottingham Journal 19th February 1880 Applying for staff at 21-23 Derby road (Flagship store) Albert Hall buildings. Corner of North Circus Street 1881-1916, (Franklin & Co, proprietors, 1885; J Harker & Co, proprietors, 1894-1901; George Edward Franklin, director, 1904;

Kellys trade directory for Great Britain 1896 lists the branch as being 17-19-21-23 on the corner of North Circus Street. Today it is known as Mia House. Nottingham Evening Post November 1914 records the branch being 21-23 Derby road


Nottingham, 29 Clumber Street, (cnr Maypole Yard),1907 confirmed Nottingham Journal Jan 1907 + 1910-1911

Nottingham, 8 Clumber Street, opened 10th May 1912 Nottingham Evening Post 8th May 1912. Nottingham’s central establishment. Confirmed 1913 & 1916 

Nottingham, 8 Clumber Street, 1966 confirmed Notts Eve. Post 


Nottingham, Hyson Green, 73-75 Radford Road, 1896-1899 

Nottingham, 97-99 Radford Road, Hyson Green, 1904-1916, 

1921 @ 97-99 Radford Road, Hyson Green, & 1947 (Just the premises at 99)

Nottingham 97 Radford Road reported The Era 20th June 1925


17-19 Beck street Public benefit Boot manufacturing co. 1894 

Nottingham, Commercial Buildings, Beck Street, 1885-1899 (Jabez Harker, proprietor, 1894-1899)

Nottingham, 2 Newark Lane, 1898-1899,

Nottingham, 2 Sneinton Road(Cnr Sophie Street ), 1904,

Nottingham, 45-48 Pelham Street, Nottinghamshire Journal Jan 1907 + 1910-1911

Nottingham 66 Bridge Street 1912

Nottingham, Bentinck Buildings, 9-Wheeler Gate, close to the market place-1911, 1914 confirmed Nottingham Evening Post & 1916

Nottingham New branch on 85 Wilford Road 3rd QTR 1925 also listed 1948


5 Market Place, 1911-1940


Market Place


12 Market Place, 1917-1927

Osset, New Branch Kingsway, 3rd QTR 1927-1960