William Henry Franklin once reported in an American Newspaper when Prompted to the question of advertising, his reply was simple.

‘If you have money to spend, spend it on advertising ”

He certainly put his money where his mouth was as the major contributing factor to their success was the abundant use of advertising in every form. The first one we always think of is “Big Boot’ seen in cities and towns right across the country in both territories. Then there were newspapers, printing had changed dramatically, making it extremely viable to advertise week in week out.  In southern territory newspapers appeared the big boot with a list of the branches opened in that region. The Branches too had always been a massive boost to their advertising strategy.

On the theme of newspapers there have been umpteen marvellous depictions from the resident artist from 1885 to approximately 1902 of new  ‘just the job’ Emporiums, eye catching for their ornateness with several window exhibitions. Lit up by huge oil lamps further enhanced with a Big boot’ depiction etched into them, later on they invested in the new gas and later still electric lighting, to illuminate these window exhibitions.

Give away items such as boot and shoe horns with company trademark  ‘big boot’ again, etched onto them, clothes brushes, vesta wax match boxes, tea pots, Boot lacers, and the list runs on, all, depicting the trademark. 

Signage on the branches would boast, ‘king of Boot shops’ for example or ‘The Great Boot providers ‘ and so on. Here in Hull and Goole have been found on old facias, gold leaf signage! 



Brow Dickinson, Wedge and Pearce review a poster campaign Leeds

Benefit Joe advertising campaign

Gold leaf signage from the Hessle Road Branch Hull.